Haneda Airport Departure Hall: Souvenir Frenzy

After checking in our luggage, we made our way through immigration and towards our gate. Along the way there was plenty to see and buy those last minute souvenirs, particularly food. Usually when I am at the airport I hardly use up all my money, but this is the one time (and probably not the last) that I actually spent all my yen and went home with an empty wallet!

Haneda Airport Departure Hall
There was hardly a crowd at the airport in the afternoon
Haneda Airport Departure Hall: Souvenir Frenzy
The stroll to our gate was a breeze, and the toilets were clean and well-maintaned
Haneda Airport Departure Hall: Souvenir Frenzy
Lots of Japanese food souvenirs to choose from

M was determined to get her Jaga Pokkuru - one of most popular souvenirs from Japan which is  sold in limited quantities in Hokkaido and a few selected airports, including Haneda. So while she was on the hunt for her  crispy French fry snack made with Hokkaido potatoes, I ended up buying quite a bit of Japanese cookies, pastries and candies. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Haneda Airport Departure Hall: Souvenir Frenzy
When in Japan, you really can't go wrong if you get anything green tea
Yummy chocolate ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹

With our cart full of goodies it was almost time for boarding, so we made our way to our gate and bought some drinks while waiting.
Our luggage getting loaded onto the plane
Note: Staying charged and connected is not an issue in Haneda Airport. You just have to remember that you carrying your adapter and cables with you. There are plug sockets and free airport WiFi.

The free airport WiFi was easy to connect to and stable, which was a bonus. Soon it was time to board. 

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