Glow Pratunam Hotel: Deluxe Twin Room Review

Glow Pratunam Hotel > Deluxe Twin Room

Glow Pratunam Hotel: Deluxe Twin Room Review
Our room on the 11th floor

After checking-in with our Traveloka voucher, we proceed to our room on the 11th floor, a non-smoking floor. Despite having booked our room from a third-party website, the hotel staff who was checking us in was polite and friendly. It was early in the evening and there was not much people in the lobby area, even the Relax Spa corner was pretty quiet. However, when we came down about 20 minutes later, the Relax Spa corner was bustling with activity!

Glow Pratunam Hotel: Deluxe Twin Room Review
The view that greeted us when we entered

We had actually wanted to get a foot massage and seeing the crowd we were skeptical if we could even get a slot. But ask we still did and we were pleasantly surprise when the girl at the counter said there were available slots. We were quickly ushered to the Relax Spa located on the 6th floor, where we were asked to change into their slippers and brought inside the spa.

Maybe because it was before we did any serious walking, so the massage was rather painful and not as enjoyable as compared to after a whole day's worth of walking and shopping. The massage was 350 baht for 1 hours and it was quite torturous! It was Ms.D's first time at having a foot massage, and after that experience, we decided to give the foot massage a miss for our remaining days in Bangkok. πŸ˜…

But I digress, back to the room. Our room was a Deluxe Twin Room which came with twin beds and really good lightning. In fact, out of all the hotels I have stayed at so far. In fact, the lighting is one of the best I have encountered: there was a mix of warm bright lights in the room (perfect for those who love to read) and slightly dimmer warm lights in the bath room. There were lights at practically every corner of the room!

The room was quite big (at 29 sq.m.), more than enough space for the 2 of us and our luggage. In addition to the lighting, I really love the extended luggage rack area, which fit our 2 luggage perfectly even when they were opened.  πŸ’•πŸ’•

Glow Pratunam Hotel: Deluxe Twin Room Review
The luggage corner with ample of space!

2 pillows each were provided for the twin beds. While the linens were clean, they weren't exactly spotless. In addition, the beds were a tad too soft for our liking. It definitely did not help us after a whole day of walking and  shopping to sink into a soft bed and fluffy pillows. So clean freaks and those who prefer/require firmer bedding please take note.

Glow Pratunam Hotel: Deluxe Twin Room Review
The beds and study table corner
Glow Pratunam Hotel: Deluxe Twin Room Review
Not exactly pristine, but it was not that bad either
Glow Pratunam Hotel: Deluxe Twin Room Review
The flooring of the area which houses the fridge showing signs of peeling
Glow Pratunam Hotel: Deluxe Twin Room Review
A comfy chair with leg rest  to relax in at the end of a busy day

Initially, we thought that the beds were old beds (i.e. more than 10 years) as it was too soft. But after a bit of research, it seems that the hotel provides in-room massage services and that is what caused the beds to be soft! The hotel should really consider its policy on providing in-room massage vs wearing out their beds. Sure it is convenient and a service to be providing in-room massage service that tired hotel guests may appreciated, but I don't think it is worth the cost when the beds feel as if they are 10-years-old-worn-out-kind-of-soft. 

While the air conditioning was really nice and cool, a bliss after a day out in the hot and humid weather, the air conditioning vent was dusty and quite dirty. This was something I did not notice until the next day. πŸ˜” The hotel should take note and at least regular cleaning of the air conditioning as it is not only unsightly but also not healthy for those with asthma or sinus issues.

Glow Pratunam Hotel: Deluxe Twin Room Review
The aircon and lights are controlled by a panel by the bedsid

Basic amenities such as bottles of water was provided daily,  but there were only 2 bottles of water instead of 4 as some have stated on Tripadvisor. Bedroom slippers were also provided, so that is a plus.

Glow Pratunam Hotel: Deluxe Twin Room Review
2 bottles of water and a kettle to boil water for tea or coffee
Glow Pratunam Hotel: Deluxe Twin Room Review
A docking clock station with an old iPhone outlet and a wireless phone
Glow Pratunam Hotel: Deluxe Twin Room Review
Room service menu
Glow Pratunam Hotel: Deluxe Twin Room Review
Amenities list, Survey, and a sheet detailing the hotel's facilities and other available services

For the bathroom, the usual amenities like toothbrush and toothpaste, cotton pads, shower caps, sanitary bags and were provided. While the water was replenished on a daily basis, the toiletries were not. But as we were leaving the next day and we really did not need to replenish anything we did not request for a top-up.

Shower gel and shampoo were provided, and true to the Glow branding, they were of a bright neon shade. Even the handgel at provided at the sink was a luminous blue.

The wardrobe is connected to both the bathroom and room, so take note not to open the doors when someone is on the bathroom. That would just make for some awkward moments, especially if your roommate is shy.

The bathroom and the provided towels were clean and satisfactory. Instead of a rainshower, the shower only had a showerhead which is fine by me as I prefer not getting my hair wet unnecessarily, especially when the wrong nob is activated and the water comes out from the wrong nozzle (rainshower instead of showerhead).

  • Good and accessible location to shopping and food
  • Clean and spacious room
  • Bright room lighting
  • Efficient service
  • Location: we walked to Platinum Fashion Mall, Palladium Night Market, Neon Night Market, Big C, and Central World. 😍😍😍
    • Dusty air-conditioning vent
    • Not so pristine sheets and soft-worn-out beds
    • Peeling furniture
    • No replenishing of toiletries
    • Having to re-connect manually to the hotel WiFi each time we came back to the hotel

    Conclusion: Given the location and the rate we managed to get the room for, it is reasonable and affordable, even if some obvious wear and tear were evident in the room. If you manage to get it for a good rate (S$90-99), it can be quite a good deal. 😊 Of course, in addition to getting a good deal, you would have to be able to tolerate soft bedding and a hotel that needs to start doing some simple maintenance before things really start deteriorating. Service rendered was commendable: staff spoke English, were polite and smiley  (i.e. prompt and efficient check-in and check-out, request for extra bottles of water attended to within 20 minutes, and readiness to assist to get us a taxi to the airport in the morning). πŸ‘

    Glow Pratunam Hotel: Deluxe Twin Room Review
    Evening view from our room

        1. Service              
        2. Value                 
        3. Sleep Quality       
        4. Cleanliness       
        5. Location            
        6. Rooms              
        Overall Experience: 

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