Getting Connected in Thailand: Pocket WiFi Thai Review

The need to stay connected is becoming an essential in travel nowadays: from simply updating family and friends on Whatsappp, to posting on Instagram, updating your Facebook status, and even using it to google for your directions and find shops or the nearest attraction.

So this time for a short trip to Bangkok, I decided on Pocket Wifi Thai - a company which offers collection and return of the WiFi device at the Suvarnabhummi Airport or your accommodation (now what is what I call convenience)! 

What is Pocket WiFi Thai?

Pocket WiFi Thai
Pocket Wifi Thai  offers nationwide coverage in Thailand, allowing you to access the internet on the go, wherever you are. It’s a compact modem and router in one, and small enough to take with you. In addition, you can stay connected with up to 5 compatible devices during your travels in Thailand. A fully charged battery lasts around 5 hours (cables for USB outlet or a wall outlet are provided).

You can rent the 4G device, with maximum speed of 100 mbps for USD$6.95 (about S$9.70) per day. You can read more at the FAQS.

Update 5 April 2017:  The pricing is now USD$5.25 (about S$7.30) per day!

    How to Rent?

    Pocket WiFi Thai
    From Thai Pocket WiFi: Renting a pocket WiFi is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
    Pocket WiFi Thai
    Booking a device is pretty easy. Just select a device.
    Pocket WiFi Thai
    Than select your dates
    Pocket WiFi Thai
    And finally make payment! I got the 4G device.
    Do note that US$50 will be taken as a deposit. It will be refunded to your credit card within 24-48 hours after your Pocket WiFi device is returned.

    Once the payment has been made, a confirmation email will be sent to your mailbox. All that's left is to collect the device at Suvarnabhummi Airport or your accommodation in Thailand

    Note: Collection at the Suvarnabhumi Airport is available from 07:00am to 11:00pm daily. So if you arrive before or after the operation hours, do choose the hotel pickup option.

    TravelBytez Review of Pocket WiFi Thai

    Collection at Suvarnabhummi Airport
    Collection is at B1 at the WiFi Bank Station.

    Collection: When we landed at Suvarnabhummi Airport, we made our way to the B1 level where the WiFi Bank Station is located. Walk towards the direction of the city rail link, past the Information Centre, and you would be able to easily find the WiFi Bank Station.

    Pocket WiFi Thai
    Collection of the device was hassle free. Just produce your confirmation letter and viola...
    Pocket WiFi Thai
    Pocket WiFi Thai 4G Device

    The service staff at the counter was a friendly girl. She addressed our questions about the return of the device at the hotel and gave us an pre-paid envelope.

    Usage: Connection was stable and it was very useful (i.e. Google Map and updating Instagram) when we were out and about in Bangkok. We had 3 devices connected and there were no major issue, connection was smooth and did not drop. Although the battery only lasts about 5 hours on a full charge, it was more than enough because really ... between all that eating and shopping, we did not use up the battery that much. 😂 However, you think you might need more battery juice, bringing along your own power bank should resolve that issue.

    Return: Return of the device was arranged to be returned at the hotel. The process was simple and fuss free. All we had to do was to place the device into the envelope that Pocket WiFi Thai had provided us upon collection. So when it was time to check out of Glow Pratunam Hotel, all we did was return the envelope (with the device inside) at the hotel counter, and we left for the airport.

    Pocket WiFi Thai
    Place the device into the envelope and pass it to your hotel counter. Returning is such a breeze!

    1. Collection                             
    2. Connection Stability             
    3. Price                                         
    4. Battery Life                           
    5. Return                                    
    6. Service / Communication      
    Overall Experience: 

    Verdict: Recommended! 👍👍 The service is prompt and communication (via email) was efficient. Collection and return of the device at the hotel is also a plus point. The only downside would be the short battery lifespan of about 5 hours. If the device could last longer (i.e. about 8 hours or so), it would be even better! But in this day and age of technology, who doesn't have a power bank? 😊 So if you are looking for convenience and a stable connection when you are in Bangkok, you can consider Pocket Wifi Thai.

    For the best deal, do regularly check out the Pocket Wifi Thai website (they might update their prices) OR Trazy for discounts.
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