Video: Sentō Imperial Palace (仙洞御所 Sentō Gosho) Tour, Kyoto

Sentō Imperial Palace (仙洞御所 Sentō Gosho) Tour
Such a tranquil setting - water, trees, flowers and even birds frolicking about nature.

The Sentō Imperial Palace is a secondary palace complex across from the Kyoto Imperial Palace and known as the residence for retired emperors. It was completed in 1630 for Emperor Go-Mizunoo's retirement, along with the corresponding Ōmiya Palace for the Empress Dowager Nyoin. Unlike the palaces in South Korea, the palaces in Japan are still being used by Japanese royalty, so there are limitations in the areas that are being shown during the tours -  many if not all of the palace buildings (that are in use) cannot be entered, only appreciated from the outside. 

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