Upcoming Trip: It's time for Bangkok once again

The last trip to Bangkok was one that was born out of spontaneity and this one was also somewhat the case: DramaQueen had actually wanted to go to Taiwan to celebrate her birthday but due to some unforeseen circumstances it was decided that we go to Bangkok instead (of Taipei). Usually the research for the trip would be done some months prior, but this time the bookings were actually done a month before the trip! Thank goodness there were still promotions and we decided to go light this time right (i.e. no checked-in luggage).

Breakdown (per person):

  • Flight tickets:  S$176.61
  • Travel Insurance: S$0
  • Accommodation for 3 nights: S$215.71
  • TOTAL: S$392.32

Flight Tickets - Tiger Airways

Without promotions, Jetstar still seems to be offering the lowest for most places and without any promotion taking Jetstar to Bangkok, but ever since I encountered the unhelpful and unpleasant counter staff, I tend to avoid Jetstar. Likewise, without promotions Tiger Airways would have cost around the range of S$250++ for the same dates, depending on the options (luggage weight, food, insurance selected). Scoot also seemed like a good choice, but the only downside is that the airport is the old Don Mueang Airport, which unlike Suvarnabhumi Airport, is not connected to any subway station. The only way to get out to the city is to take a taxi, bus or slow rail which was kind of the deal breaker for this trip, since we had DramaQueen mum (and dad, who decided to join last minute) with us we wanted to maximize the  convenient.

This time we decided to go (as) light (as possible) and only bring our carry-on luggage so we saved quite a bit there. Coincidentally, Tiger Airways was having a sale so we managed to get the tickets at S$176.61 per person sans the checked-in luggage and food.

Compared to the last time when I went with PrincessyL where we paid S$162 per person (inclusive of checked-in luggage), the price was reasonable (considering that the decision to go was rather last minute). Of course, if we were to have added checked-in luggage it would have been more expensive than the last time. But since this is a trip meant to relax and eat (more) than shopping, the carry-on luggage of 10kg per person should be more than enough (I hope?).
The breakdown
It would have cost about S$480 (for 3 people) if we had paid by AXS but sans the convenience
The credit card booking/service fee
As I used my travel credit card, which unfortunately has a service charge of S$54, insurance was covered, but at least we saved on travel insurance.  



Since DramaQueen's mom would be joining us on this trip, it was  decided that it would be best to stay in a hotel that was near the shopping mall (e.g. Platinum Shopping Mall) to minimize unnecessary walking on the uneven roads in the hot and humid weather. It was narrowed down to Amari Watergate Bangkok (opposite the mall) and NOVOTEL Bangkok Platinum Pratunam (which is located within the mall itself). Being in such close proximity to the shopping area, these 2 hotels cost more than Centara Watergate Pavillion Hotel Bangkok, where I stayed the last time I was in Bangkok.

Amari Watergate Bangkok is older than NOVOTEL Bangkok Platinum Pratunam, but it is a 5 star hotel as compared to NOVOTEL Bangkok Platinum Pratunam which is a 4 star. Naturally being rated a 5 star, Amari Watergate Bangkok is more expensive than NOVOTEL Bangkok Platinum Pratunam. For 1 room with 3 people (with an extra roll-away/day bed), it would have cost us about S$900. And for 2 rooms, it would have cost about S$1075. Whereas it would have been cheaper for NOVOTEL Bangkok Platinum Pratunam which had a better location of being inside the Platinum Mall itself.

So we settled for 2 superior rooms at NOVOTEL Bangkok Platinum Pratunam, which cost a total of S$862.87 (THB 21,085.96) with breakfast included.

The good part about this booking was that since it was booked via the NOVOTEL Bangkok Platinum Pratunam website, there was a price guarantee: if you manage to find a rate that is lower than what is offered on the official website for the exact same dates and conditions (e.g. breakfast, no refund etc...) within 24 hours, the hotel would not only offer (reimburse the credit) you the lower rate but also give you an additional 10% off. I manged to find a lower rate of S$795.96 (THB 19,725) on Agoda and filled up the online price guarantee form to see if I could get the discount...

Within a week of my application, I received a reply... I got the price guarantee!
Original paid THB 21,085.96 – THB 17,752.5 = THB 3,333 (savings)

What the hotel offered was a credit of THB 3,333 back to our folio upon arrival. The credit can be applied to Hotel services, Room Upgrade, Limousine, Mini Bar, Food & Beverage e.g. Lunch and Dinner or Room Service. I opted to upgrade the room to enjoy the Executive privileges (e.g. breakfast at the 24th floor, daily newspapers etc...) for the last night with a credit of THB 34 left to be used for other things. Stay tuned for the trip report!


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