Myeongdong Shopping: Face masks, foot masks, hand creams & so much more!

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The last time I was in the Myeongdong area, it was to catch the bus to visit the N Seoul Tower. But this time, it was a purely shopping (short) trip! By the time we alighted at the Myeongdong subway station, it was already turning dark (evening time) and there were already scores of people everywhere. At every corner, there was a crowd and shops (mostly selling cosmetics) dotted all over the area - a literal shopper’s paradise. We exited out Exit 7 of the Myeongdong subway station, the entrance to the shopping heaven!

Myeongdong  Shopping
Not sure which exit to take? No worries, there's signage so just pick where you want to go!
Myeongdong  Shopping
Before you even exit the subway station, there are already shops to browse. Clothes, shoes, cosmetics, accessories etc...

The layout of Myeongdong is interesting. Instead of being housed within a shopping mall complex, almost all shops (e.g. H&M, Etude House, Holika Holika, The Face Shop, Shara Shara, Tony Moly, Atrium etc...) were stand alone buildings scattered around the neighborhood. If you are looking for cosmetics, than Myeongdong would be one place you cannot miss with all the cosmetic shops being close to each other and having more than one branch within the same area (there were probably 2-3 stores of each brand just in the Myeongdong area!!).

Myeongdong  Shopping
Shops, shop, shops!!
Myeongdong  Shopping
Bustling with people on a cool autumn's night!

It was definitely an eye-opener visiting this shopping paradise (especially for cosmetics). The lights, the sounds and the shops were simply a delight. So much so that I actually was too busy shopping to take photos (lol). Face masks, foot masks, hand creams and nail polish… It was a shopping wonderland, so pardon the lack of photos as I was too engrossed with shopping. lol

Language-wise, it was not so bad as the sales people (mostly ladies) were proficient in Mandarin. Freebies and service wise, as there are probably 2-3 stores of each brand in the area, so it might be good to walk more around the area as each branch staff’s generosity and politeness differs. There were some shops where when we entered, were ignored because there were too many people (in the shop)and even when we asked questions about a certain product, there were some sales persons who were impatient and did not provide much help/"hardselling” while there were other who were warm and friendly as they tried to sell their wares.

Tip: Do note the season you are in when you are there as compared to the season/weather at home. C actually bought a couple of BB cushions from Innisfree, but she failed to factor in the fact that it was autumn in Seoul so the weather was a littler drier than in Singapore. Turned out that when she returned to Singapore and started using her wonder BB cushion, the hot and humid weather of Singapore totally melted off the product off her face like butter!

Besides the shops and people, how could I miss out the yummy street food?
Myeongdong  Shopping
Piping hot and yummy egg bread (계란빵) - a perfect combination of sweet and savory!
Myeongdong  Shopping
They came in cute little cups to facilitate eating on the go with ease.

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