Breakfast at Paris Baguette and getting to the airport on the airport bus limo

On our last day in Seoul, since our flight back was in the afternoon we woke up leisurely and walked around the area near our accommodation.  It was before 10 in the morning when we went out so most of the eateries and shops were about opening or not yet opened. After walking past a couple of potential breakfast places, we decided to have breakfast at Paris Baguette.

So what exactly is Paris Baguette?  It’s a Korean international food and food services company. Withe almost 3,000 Paris Baguette locations in South Korea alone, it’s literally everywhere we went. 

Paris Baguette announced on Thursday that it now has 3,010 stores in the country, passing the 3,000 mark some 23 years after it began doing business. The franchise opened its first store in 1988, two years after its parent company, Paris Croissant, was first established. It now ranks as the only food franchise business in the country with this many outlets.   – via Chosunilbo newspaper 2012

Ok... back to breakfast, which consisted of coffee, muffins and a sandwhich. The whole meal cost us 32,000 won, so that is about S$12 per person which is still cheaper than in Singapore (becuase for some odd reason the drinks sold at the Singapore Paris Baguette branches are exorbitant (e.g. more than S$10 for a cup/pot of tea!)

Paris Baguette
Toasted hot muffins and a sandwhich...
Paris Baguette
together with hot coffee and iced tea

With our tummies filled, it was almost time to check out of our apartment, but not without some last minute shopping as C stopped by Innisfree to get a couple of things. When we were done with our luggage and the trash, it was on towards the Incheon Airport for M and me, and for C a hotel in Myeongdong for her extra night in Seoul! Catching a cab was a breeze and C was on her way to her hotel in less than 5 minutes of coming out of our apartment. 

Wanting to save some money and seeing that we had quite a bit of time, M and I decided to catch the airport limo bus to the airport. While we were waiting for about 10 minutes or so, we realized that we were actually on the wrong side of the road! If we had taken the airport limo bus that had arrived, we would have been brought to the wrong direction!

Realizing our error, we made a scramble to the opposite stop which was a good 15 minute walk! And thankfully we made it in time because shortly after arriving at the bus stop, the bus arrived in less than 5 minutes of our arrival. If we had missed the bus we would have to had taken a cab, or risk missing our flight. Oh the drama...

When the bus arrived, we loaded our luggage into the bus's luggage compartment at the side of the bus and made our payment when we boarded. There were plenty of seats and so we happily found ourselves seats. From there on, it was about 45 minutes and a couple of stops to Incheon Airport

The airport bus limo is essentially a well... bus.. kinda like those big tour buses with two seats on both sides of the bus with large glass windows and curtains to shield out the sun when it gets too bright.

airport bus limo
Heading out of Seoul....
airport bus limo
... towards the airport

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