Lee's Taiwanese 台灣廟口美食 (Star Vista)

Lee's Taiwanese 台灣廟口美食

According to the website, Lee's Taiwanese menu was inspired by the street food from the famous Keelung Temple Street night market. When you visit this eatery, you will be able to taste mixed varieties of street fare such as braised beef noodles, Taiwanese sausages, fried chicken chop and cold desserts like taro crushed ice and mango crushed ice.

From the outset, Lee's Taiwanese has the Taiwan night market theme going: wooden table and stools occupy the interior and exterior (providing both indoor and outdoor seating), and flashy red lanterns adorn the ceilings (inspired from the night market culture).

Given that Lee's Taiwanese is in a shopping mall location and in Singapore (where nothing is really that cheap), prices are not like those in Taiwan (i.e. it's not cheap, but its not that expensive either). Though ala carte items can be a bit pricey (on their own), the set meals are actually quite reasonable (and worth it, coming with an appetizer and drink). Two sets meals with an upgrade of the appetizer (for one set) to sweet potato fries cost a total of S$43.30. So on average, you can expect to spend about S$20 per person.

Service was reasonable and prompt (i.e. from being seated, to getting orders placed, having the food served and payment).

Chicken Chop Rice + Snow Bean Curd + Red Tea

Lee's Taiwanese 台灣廟口美食
Chicken Chop: The pieces of chicken were generous and seasoned Taiwan style. The meat was moist, while the outer layer was crisp (and not oily at all) - the perfect combo. On the sides were preserved pickles which added an extra crunchy mild sour sweet flavor to the chicken,  slices of snow bean curd and half a braised egg.

Lee's Taiwanese 台灣廟口美食
The rice with accompanied the chicken chop (above). The rice was well-cooked, not hard and dry nor was it wet and mushy. The sauce that cover (a small) portion of the rice had pieces of pork and its fats; it was a too little.

Lee's Taiwanese 台灣廟口美食
Snow Bean Curd: This beancurd was a refreshing change from the usually beancurds that can be found in Singapore. It was served chilled and had a nice chewy yet soft texture to it. The seasoning was also good and enhanced the flavor of the beancurd.

Saty & Pepper Chicken + Sweet Potato Fries + Milk Red Tea

Lee's Taiwanese 台灣廟口美食
Salt & Pepper Chicken: This is like chicken popcorn, Taiwanese style. Small chicken pieces are fried in batter and seasoned with salt and pepper, served with a side of preserved pickles. It might just be fried chicken with salt and pepper, but it was addictive.

Lee's Taiwanese 台灣廟口美食
This set came with noodles, topped with the same sauce that was used for the rice. As you can see, the portion for the sauce is much more than the rice. The noodles were cooked to just to right consistency and the blenched beansprouts added that extra crunch to what would be just plain yellow noodles.

Lee's Taiwanese 台灣廟口美食
Sweet Potato Fries: Large chunky slices of sweet potatoes are fried and seasoned lightly. This is yet another addictive little treat (appetizer).  

Lee's Taiwanese 台灣廟口美食

Address: 1 Vista Exchange Green, #02-08 The Star Vista Singapore 138617
Operating Hours: 11.30AM-10PM (Sunday-Thursday) 11.30AM-11PM (Friday, Saturday and Eve of Public Holidays)
Tel: 6694 4869
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