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Land of the enchanted: with fairies, princesses, an ogre, a talking kitty and singing donkey. This zone is the most whimsical and the excitement level is slightly higher with a junior roller coaster ride (which makes a good warm up before getting on the more exciting rides). 

  • Enchanted Airways
Enchanted Airways
This ride is a junior roller coaster and an excellent warm-up for the big one! It is a fast and a pretty short ride. Bags and other belongings have to be placed in cabinets on the other side of the platform and are immediately collected when the ride has ended. 

  • Shrek 4-D Adventure
Like it name says, it is a 4-D experience with sight, sound and touch. It’s not that exciting, but kids will be thrilled with this. Being indoors, this ride makes a good place to rest your feet after all that walking and waiting in the queue.

  • Donkey Live
This is another nice place to cool down. This mini-amphitheater has an interactive Donkey in 2D engaging the audience.

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