Spathe Public House

Spathe Public House

It was a gathering for family as friends as we ushered in the new year at Spathe Public House, a restaurant which serves up dishes that are meant for sharing with friends (and family). Apparently Spathe Public House used to be a famous club (in the River Valley neighborhood) before it was converted into the unique restaurant that it is today. The premises of Spathe Public House comprises of a communal dining area, along with a fresh produce & seafood display bar. It is housed within a shophouse which retains most of its pre-war original fixtures with some twist.

Spathe Public House
Pretty graffiti adorning the brick wall

We were promptly served with a menu once we were seated. Looking through the menu, we decided to share the following dishes:
Spathe Public House
To quench our thirst, we ordered a bottle of sparking water and a jar of Spathe Sangria. They were both refreshing especially the Spathe Sangria - a drink with a bit of alcohol content. I absolutely loved the mixed fruits which added a fruity flavor.

Spathe Garlic Fries
Spathe Garlic Fries: Now if there is one thing I like besides my chicken, that is fries! Needless to say this basket of fries had my full attention when they arrived pipping hot. Given its name, the fries had a tinge of garlic flavor that was not overpowering. However, while the garlic flavor was a delight, I wasn't that much of the generosity with the salt; it was too salty for my liking.

Charcoal-Smoked Tomato Soup
Charcoal-Smoked Tomato Soup: this was order by my sister and I had a little taste of it. Perhaps I am not much of a western/european diner, hence I was not really blown away by the soups flavor despite its fragrant-ness and creaminess. The portion was acceptable for one person.

Cold-Smoke Duck breast Salad
Cold-Smoked Duck Breast Salad: There was a green (mini) spade in the utensils container and it came it hand for this salad (to mix the salad). The salad dressing had a uniquely pleasant flavor of honey vinaigrette (think sweet and sour in just the right proportions). However, I am not a cheese lover and the St. Maure goat cheese was too strong for my liking.

Spathe Public House
The fish fillet was really a delight! I loved the chewy yet not tough texture of the well flavored fish fillet and its freshness.

Spathe Public House
This pork belly was slowed cooked for 12 hours, so it was simply melt in the mouth yet chewy at the same time. Although I prefer chicken over pork, I highly recommend this dish simply because the pork belly was simply a delight! In addition, the poached egg and the creamy mushed potatoes went well with the pork.

Spathe Public House
Spathe chicken kiev style: Finally, chicken! Since it was chicken (and being a chicken lover) I had high expectation of this dish. The chicken was well-cooked and flavorful that I hardly noticed that it was breast meat (which I am not a fan of even though I adore chicken); the texture was smooth and velvety. The meat had the sealed in goodness of garlic, which made it very flavorful.

Australian Angus Burger
Australian Angus Burger: This was a good combination and I recommend it to be shared by two. The handmade burger was rather filling and the fries was a mixture of plain fries and garlic fries.

Fisherman's pie
Fisherman's Pie: It was a small portion, but it tasted as good as it looked. It would have been better if the portion was larger.

Belgium waffles
Belgium Waffles: Dessert Time! The waffles were wonderful and there is a choice of hand-made ice-cream flavors to choose from to go with the waffles. We picked the blueberry chocolate mint flavor.

Spathe Public House
Since it was all about sharing, there was still room for dessert so we order a chocolate cake. It was served with smooth cream and honey as the topping. I like this combination and it is best to share the desserts with a group of friends.

Sticky Toffee pudding with hokey pokey ice cream
Sticky Toffee pudding with Hokey Pokey ice-cream:  Despite its pretty appearance, it was not as delightful as its looks. The maple syrup tasted awfully artifical and the ice-cream was subpar.

Overall, the price was affordable and the flavors of the food (we ordered that day) were generally nice. I would recommend this place for special functions (i.e. New year and Christmas Day celebration).

Spathe Public House

8 Mohamed Sultan Road  #01-01
Singapore 238958

Tel: 65 67351035
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 11.00 am to 11.00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10.00am to 11.00pm


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