Canon Pixma Arts & Craft Series: Tis the Season for Giving (Gift Box F)

With Christmas around the corner, it is that time of the year for presents and giving. And what can be more thoughtful and fun than creating your very own Christmas present? Canon Creative Park has a wide variety of crafts that can be printed out just for the Christmas season: greeting cards, mini cards, pop-up craft cards,  gift boxes and more! 

While wondering and browsing through the options on Canon Creative Park, I decided to do a gift box and personalize with some really pretty adhesive lace tape I got at Urban Write. It is truly amazing what a little creativity can do.

Tis the Season for Giving (Gift Box)
The different types of gift boxes. I decided to do the red gift box F.
Tis the Season for Giving (Gift Box)
Adhesive Lace Tape!

So with the pieces printed out, it was time to cut it. This gift box only requires 3 pieces of A4 paper and is one of the simplest designs to replicate. The rest of the box designs require more paper and are a little more complicated. The instructions for the red gift box are simple to follow and easy to understand with the given illustrations.

Tis the Season for Giving (Gift Box)
Just follow the lines and cut accordingly
Tis the Season for Giving (Gift Box)
It really is that simple.
Tis the Season for Giving (Gift Box)
All the pieces cut out nicely. And after some folding and gluing....
Tis the Season for Giving (Gift Box)
... The almost final product is 'born'! Doesn't it look pretty?
Tis the Season for Giving (Gift Box)
It looks even better with the adhesive lace tape, giving it its own unique design. ^^

The red box is of a relatively good size and is great for a Christmas gift box filled with chocolates, sweets, or cute little stationary or quirky items.  It makes for a good inexpensive gift box that has a personal flair to it; customizable for each individual you intend to gift. You are only limited by your imagination!

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