The Sequel: Everything with Fries (Bugis Junction)

The first time I visited Everything with Fries was during a food trail sometime in April this year and it was a day of food, food and even more food. Everything with Fries was the first stop of the day and it left an impression, a good food impression. So when I happened to be around the area a couple of weeks ago, together with DramaQueen we decided to have our dinner there and discuss our my our holiday birthday holiday plans for next year. Sans the timing (morning vs. night), Everything with Fries was just how it was the first time I was there - waters and waitresses in pink t-shirts and the pretty looking desserts.

Upon approaching the entrance, we were promptly seated and orders were taken. Service was attentive as it could be given the growing dinner crowd; food arrived in a reasonable amount of time and they were very prompt in refilling the glasses with water. The clearing of plates and payment were a breeze (because with it is time to go home everything becomes magically faster).
Tandoori Chicken Sandwich
Tandoori Chicken Sandwich @ S$14.90
As DramaQueen is a fan of chicken, I recommended the Tandoori Chicken Sandwich to which she totally loved. In her own words, the chicken was tender and moist and the bread complimented the chicken smothered with an appropriate amount of tandoori sauce. 

Cheeseburger with fries - sour cream and onion flavored ^^ @ S$15.90
I had initially wanted to order the New Zealand King Salmon, but it was sadly not available that day. So this time round I tried the cheeseburger which might not look like much but it was pretty substantial (along with the fries and water of course). Both of us had the sour cream and onion flavored fries, the only difference was the choice of cut for the fries, but they were just as good as the first time I ate them.

Moist meat patty with cheese sandwiched between two soft fluffy buns

After our mains, there was (some) stomach (space) for dessert and so we shared a Nutella Tart (that came with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream) between the two of us. It was a nice treat after the savory food, but it wasn’t a dessert that ‘wowed’ me. It was only on our way out that I saw the Nutella Crepe which looked so much nicer (than the Nutella Tart) and tempting too! Too bad we could stomach no more; else I would have given it a try. Well, at least I have a reason to go back again.

Nutella Tart
Nutella Tart @ S$9.90

The total bill came up to be a little under S$50. All in all it was a good second experience and the standard of food and service reminded me of the food trail that day; it was on par. Hopefully all goes well for the holiday plans... ^^

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  1. I am missing their Nutella Milkshake as well!!

    1. The milkshake! I totally forgot about it lol I should try it the next time ^^