Pearl of the Orient (Gryphon Tea Company)

Pearl of the Orient (Gryphon Tea Company)
Description: This jasmine tea is accentuated with rose oil to produce an exquisite sensual aroma of floral bouquet.

Character: Light bodied. Bright golden liquor with a sweet finish

Aroma: Soft and floral

Goes well with fish and other white meat, served without milk.
Pearl of the Orient (Gryphon Tea Company)

Finally, after a long while I am trying another tea which I had the opportunity to come across when I was on staycation at Capella Singapore earlier this year! Like the TWG Company, the Gryphon Tea Company is a Singapore company with a mission to make high-quality, gourmet teas accessible to discerning tea drinkers seeking new taste experiences.

The packaging is different from the TWG tea bag material-wise, it is just a transparent sachet that contains the tea leaves, rose and jasmine ingredients, but works equally well in bringing out the flavors.

True to the description, the Pearl of the Orient tea is soft and floral in aroma. The tea is nicely scented, with the jasmine and rose flavors blending perfectly well together. The jasmine and rose flavors do not overpower each other, but compliment each other surprisingly well. The proportion of the jasmine and the fact that rose oil was used, creates a pleasant unique floral fragrance that is not overwhelming like other floral teas which may smell and/or taste like perfume or potpourri.

As it is predominantly jasmine tea, the jasmine is a little bit more prominent in aroma and taste, with the subtle flavor of the rose oil following after it and lingers in the mouth for a bit. Without any sugar, the Pearl of the Orient has a smooth texture to it with a hint of sweetness on its own.

This is one tea I would recommend if you are into soothing floral teas. The Pearl of the Orient tea is definitely going into my list of favorite teas! ^^

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