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Famous fashion designer Roland Mouret was in this tiny island recently was in town to present his A/W 2012 collection at the Audi Fashion Festival, and remarked that Singaporeans' sense of fashion is "shocking” with flip-flops with wrong shorts etc…. Some have stated that it is due to the humidity, others state that it is budget that constraints the fashion, while others comment what is the issue as long as it is comfortable?

While I wouldn’t say that Singaporeans have a “bad” fashion sense in general, nor am I a fashion expert, but Singaporeans do get complacent at times and some, well they just have a different sense of fashion, which adds to our uniqueness (I guess). Once I saw, bright green spaghetti-strapped dress on a lady over 50, with her hair in 2 braids walking along Orchard road with really bright make up. But who cares? She was happy and smiling brightly, it just made an interesting sight.

It isn’t a crime wanting to look good. Being fashionable doesn’t mean you have to be dressed up to the nines and look extremely primed. After all, the difference between overly styled and just plain lazy is really a thin line. Fashion is the way you dress, it can be viewed as an extension of yourself, an expression of your character or personality.

Most Singaporeans get their inspiration from the Taiwan, Japan or Korean cultures. But sometimes there are those that overdo it (a bit). Imagine being in a pink frilly dress, carrying a pink Hello Kitty umbrella (from the scorching sun), walking in pink high heels, and dragging a pink Hello Kitty luggage. That takes some courage! (Ok maybe a lot)

Fashion, in itself is subjective, but as long as you are properly dressed for the occasion and look good, it’s fine. You don’t have to be dressed in branded clothes to look great, it’s more of the combination, design, and suitability, not price of the clothes that play a part. Surely you don’t wear a suit to go kayaking or play sports, or wear flip-flips and shorts to a wedding dinner/reception. With events like Fashion Steps Out, not to mention opening of various clothes stores like H&M opening in Singapore, I think fashion is changing in this little island city.
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