Paradise Inn (Bedok Point)

Part of the Paradise Group, Paradise Inn is yet another restaurant under this company. Although it may be cheaper than the other Paradise Group restaurants, Paradise Inn can be considered one of the pricier Chinese restaurants. A simple meal for 2 can, if you are not careful, cost more than S$50 or you get less for the same price at some other restaurant (e.g. Soup Restaurant). But it is more affordable and better (in terms of quantity) to Cassia at Capella Singapore, to me at least. No matter, it is an experience not to be missed if you like trying different types of floral (chrysanthemum, jasmine, osmanthus or dried longan) or fruit-infused teas (eclectic lemongrass, passion fruit iced tea etc...) that are served either hot/cold, or want an different tea/food experience.

The décor at the Paradise Inn branch at Bedok Point has an oriental ambiance which is contemporary-traditional, with Chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling. The restaurant offers an extensive gourmet menu of both traditional and popular Cantonese cuisine, including 10 kinds of traditional and nourishing double-boiled soup. Service is prompt, though the waitresses could do a little more smiling.

Paradise Inn branch at Bedok Point

We had 3 starters, Jellyfish, Teochew Style Crisp-fried Prawn Roll and Silverfish, all at S$8.90 per portion each.

Jellyfish served cold with vinegar and chopped raw garlic, garnished with chopped spring onions
Fried Silverfish
Teochew Style Crisp-fried Prawn Roll
Teochew Style Crisp-fried Prawn Roll with sweet sauce on the side

The Asparagus with Chilli was nice and the chilli not that spicy at all, while the Herbal Fragrant Chicken in Claypot was nothing out of the extra-ordinary - the chicken had more skin and bones than meat, and there wasn't any hint of any herbs in the chicken at all. We had the small portion for both.

Herbal Fragrant Chicken in Claypot
Herbal Fragrant Chicken in Claypot
For drinks, I had the cold Rosy Vanilla Rose Tea at S$4.50 (below left) while my mum had one of the floral teas (below right) at S$3.80. For the floral teas you can ask for a refill of hot water if you are really thirsty.

Vanilla Rose Tea
Peanuts are served at S$1.50 per plate as an appetizer, but you can always skip that.

Paradise Inn (Bedok Point) 
Address: 799 Upper Changi Road #02-01/04 Bedok Point
Tel: +65 6447 8083
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