Refresh yourself at Santa Barbara (The American Riviera)

Whenever we hear the word vacation the first thing that comes into our mind is travel. Travel is the best option to have a joyful vacation. America is a famous tourist place. America is known for its sunny beaches and art collections. Due to Visa problems so many people’s visit to America has become a dream. ESTA US Visa under visa waiver program turns your dream to reality, making it easier to enter your dream country.

Santa Barbara is one of the best places for fun and relaxation. Santa Barbara’s nick name as American Riviera is because of its similarity in climate and geography to the Mediterranean coastal Italian and French Riviera towns. Mountains and beaches in Santa Barbara give you a warm welcome. There are a variety of activities providing great refreshment for kids and adults. There are many fun filled adventures that you can enjoy with your family.

Beaches are the unsurpassed way to relax and refresh from the stress and strain. A beach with its calm waters fascinates every tourist. Here are some of the famous beaches in Santa Barbara that provide fun for kids and adults.
  • Hendry’s Beach has an ideal location and plenty of is just a ten minute drive along the coast from Santa Barbara.
  • Butterfly Beach is one of the west facing beaches. This beach draws an interesting crowd and there is also a chance to see someone famous here.
  • EI captain Beach is a part of state park with plenty of facilities. It is gorgeous and has an excellent opportunity of spotting one or two dolphins.
  • West Beach hosts a number of sporting events. You can enjoy the boats coming and going and the people walking by. It is the best place to watch the fireworks on Fourth of July or New Year.
Santa Barbara is a wine country and you can find many vineyards, along with the mountain range, Santa Yenz, which is visible over town. The elevations of Santa Yenz peaks exceed 4000 feet.
A bicycle is an important tool as it will help you in locating the hidden beauty of Santa Barbara. You can immerse yourself in breathtaking landscape of vineyards and lavender farms.

Kayaking, whale watching, horseback riding, surfing, golfing, fishing and polo are some other activities that refresh you when you visit Santa Barbara. You can go on a kayaking tour to visit sea lions resting on a buoy. Even if you don’t participate in these activities you can enjoy watching them.

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