Roti Prata

This flour-based South Indian delight can be found in Singapore in all shapes, sizes and flavors (cheese, onion, banana, red bean, chocolate, mushroom, egg or ice-cream). The word roti in “roti prata” means “bread” in Malay. Malaysia’s version is called roti canai.

Egg Roti Prata
Egg Roti Prata with fish curry
Plain Roti Prata
Plain Roti Prata with fish curry
Roti prata is made from dough and prepared by flipping the dough into a large thin layer before folding the outside edges inwards. When flipped and folded, it is then typically cooked over a flat grill and served with either a vegetable or meat based (fish or mutton) curry, eaten with sugar or plain.

Making roti prata

Variants of the roti prata are the 'tissue'/'paper' prata, which as the name suggests, is really thin and crisply delicious: pan-fried with butter, rolled into a cone shape and sprinkled with sugar.

So the next time you are in Singapore, this is definitely a sidh to try, as long as you are not on a diet because this is one oily and potentially fatteninglicious dish!


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