Gangnam Garden (City Square Mall)

Gangnam Garden (City Square Mall)

Discovered a new Korean place while out to lunch - Gangnam Garden! Well, not really discovered, it just so happened that they were handing out flyers for the lunch promotion one day while I was on my way up to the foodcourt. What can I say? The promotion looked interesting. 
Gangnam Garden (City Square Mall)
The flyer that brought us to Gangnam Garden
So I made my way to Gangnam Garden and was greeted at the entrance of the restaurant (since it just opened, there’s not much of a crowd) and upon entering the décor is simple but comfortable. There’s a banner on the wall with cute mascots drawn with the Gangnam Style pose. Seeing the mascots (a family dancing Gangnam style) shows that it must have gotten its inspiration from Psy’s Gangnam Style (not that I’m complaining, the drawing looks so adorable!). 
Gangnam Garden (City Square Mall)
Gangnam Garden (City Square Mall)
Tables at the side
Gangnam Garden's options for the lunch promotion are:
  1. A choice of one main dish: Dundubu-Jjiage (soup) / Dolsot-Bibimbap / Mul-Naengmyeon (Soup Cold Noodle) / Bibim- Naengmyeon (Dry Cold Noodles)
  2. A choice of meat: Chicken / Beef / Pork 
  3. 3 Side Dishes
Gangnam Garden (City Square Mall)
The actual menu
I have no idea when the Lunch Promotion is ending but it is available from Mondays to Fridays from 1130 – 1500 (excluding Public Holidays and the Eve of Public Holidays).

I found the experience to be pleasant enough (food-wise): the lunch promotion that I chose came with side dishes, rice, Dundubu-Jjiage (soup) and chicken bulgogi (you have the option of beef, chicken or pork). Though the soup bowl looked small and the side dishes seemed too little (I guess I was feeling hungry), the meal was surprisingly filling and quite satisfying too; perfect for lunch. 
Dundubu-Jjiage (soup)
Dundubu-Jjiage (soup)
Chiciken Bulgogi
Chiciken Bulgogi
Gangnam Garden Dundubu-Jjiage Lunch Promotion
The whole lunch set ^^

The side dishes consisted of portions of crunchy seasoned bean sprouts, not so spicy ikan bilis (anchovies) and the all time Korean staple – kimchi, which was nicely marinated and had a pleasant delicate taste to it (not as sour and strong as some of the other kimchi that I have tried, especially those in foodcourts). The soup was a little too ‘light’ for my liking but the ingredients were plentiful, and the chicken bulgogi was yummy (and not too oily). 
Gangnam Garden side dishes
The side dishes: bean sprouts, kimchi (my favorite!!) and ikan billis (anchovies)
Gangnam Garden side dishes
Trying to take an artistic shot of the sides

Being a newly started restaurant the service was somewhat inconsistent (e.g. the food took some to arrive despite the lack of a crowd), but was generally acceptable. However, it can still be improved upon and I hope that the service finds its "feet" soon. For now, thinking about the food makes me want to go back again to try out the other dishes. Compared with the Korean food stall at the foodcourt above. For just a little bit more, you get a much more satisfying meal: S$9.80++ and if you want a drink just top up an extra S$1.80.

Gangnam Garden
City Square Mall (above Farrer Park MRT STation)

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