Universal Studios @ Sentosa Adventure Report July 2011

Universal Studios Sentosa

This will be a consolidated report of all the rides over the two days that we went to Universal Studios

Universal Studios Singapore is divided into 7 uniquely themed zones: Madagascar, Far Far Away, Lost World, Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi City, New York and Hollywood. We started at Madagascar and ended off with lunch at Hollywood. Peppered along the way were the mascots of the theme park, the penguins from Madagascar, Shrek and Puss in Boots. There were also other characters walking around whom you take photos with. 

1) Madagascar 
The jungle of cute jungle critters. This theme world is simply adorable and I think more suited for little children.

Madagascar : A Crate Adventure
This is a relatively newly opened ride in the theme park. However, don’t expect anything spectacular or fantastic. This water ride is more suited for children and adults who enjoy a simple, not too stimulating ride. Not knowing what kind of ride it was, we actually waited up to 2 hours on the first day we went there. We actually thought that the snaking long queue meant that it must have been a really good ride, we were conned. On the plus side, this ride is also suitable for the elderly as it really is a very simple boat ride with some special effects. Needless to say, this ride was avoided on the second day.
Madagascar King Julien
King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round 
Yes, this is a merry-go-round. I cannot remember what made us want to sit this, perhaps to relive some childhood memories. it was fun and funny while it lasted. 

2) Far Far Away 
Next stop was the whimsical land of Far Far Away, we spotted Puss in Boots but there were too many people wanting to take a photo with the adorable kitty.
 Far Far Away
Far Far Away
Enchanted Airways
This ride can be considered a junior roller coaster and an excellent warm-up for the big one! It’s fast and a pretty short ride. Bags and other belongings have to be placed in cabinets on the other side of the platform and are immediately collected when the ride has ended. 

Shrek 4-D Adventure 
Like it name says, it is a 4-D experience with sight, sound and touch. It’s not that fantastic, but I’m sure kids will be thrilled with this. And if you just want some simple fun. One of the main reasons we went here was… it has air-conditioning. After all that queuing and waiting in the heat, we needed some place we could cool ourselves. 

Donkey Live 
This is another nice place to cool down. This mini-amphitheater has an interactive Donkey in 2D engaging the audience. 

3) Lost World 
Fossil Fuels
You guessed it this part of the theme part is from the Jurassic Park movie, where dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures abound.

Fossil Fuels 
We had a quick bite here and I must say, the hotdogs were pretty good and filling too. It is worth trying. 

Canopy Flyer 
This ride is a carefree and relaxing ride through treetops and having an overview of the whole of Jurassic Park. If you aren’t afraid of heights, you will find this pretty relaxing. However, if you are afraid of heights you might find yourself screaming (someone actually did that) as you casually breeze through the park on the ride. If you compare this to any of the roller coaster rides at the theme park, this is not only relatively tame, it is pretty gentle.

Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure 
One word can sum this ride, wet… and scary if you’re of the timid variety. Of the two times (on the two days we went), there was crying and screaming. The first was a girl who was extremely petrified and screamed at the top of her lungs at every turn and bump. Then there was a little girl, whose parents and brother were excited to sit the ride, but they forgot to explain to her what it was about. So it was a little sad to see her scared and crying, while the father was trying to console her and enjoy the ride at the same time. If you are not eager to get wet, they do sell ponchos for you to get less wet, or you could always have a waterful ride! ^^

Waterworld didn’t interest us so we skipped it. 

4) Ancient Egypt 
Out of prehistoric times, we found out way to Ancient Eygpt where the “scary” Revenge of the Mummy awaited us.

Revenge of the Mummy
This ride is a high-speed physiological one, which has sharp fast turns and fast reverses. Everything is in total darkness, which ups the scary factor. Bags and loose items like mobile phones and camera are not allowed, so you’d have to put them in a locker. But not to fear, there are locker areas at each of the ‘worlds’ that have different hours for free storage before you are charged based on timing. So you could literally have free locker storage if you time yourself correctly. This ride is highly recommended. 

5) Sci-fi City 
This ride test your sense of balance, as all it does it spin around and around at extremely high speeds. This one I passed as I am not one that can handle anything that goes around in circles at a fast speed. But my cousins had a blast on it. 

Battlestar Galactica: Human & Cylon
Battlestar Galactica: Human & Cylon
These are two roller coaster rides that “collide” with each other. Human is the one in ride and can be considered “tamer” than Cylon, where the seats are not movable (e.g. when you move left you stay seated in the same position). Whilst Cylon (blue) is more “exciting as the seats are more flexible and moves according to the motion of the ride, you swing where the ride takes you. Towards the end these two rides “collide”. They were simply fun! We sat on them more than once. ^^
6) New York  
Attraction Lights! Camera! Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg 
This attraction displayed and demonstrated the incredible special effects that filmmakers orchestrate. It was an interesting experience, as the empty sound stage became the setting for a major hurricane about to hit New York. 

7) Hollywood 
We ended the day at the Universal Studios Store at Hollywood and some photo frenzy at the shop selling all sorts of hats. All in good time to make our way to Sentosa Wavehouse for some surfing.

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