Oasia Resort Sentosa: Dining Experience at Bedrock Origin (Breakfast and Dinner)

Bedrock Origin is located in the premises of the Oasia Resort Sentosa Hotel. It offers plant-based alternatives and keto-friendly options, which compliments the wellness lifestyle theme of the hotel.

The interior of Bedrock Origin is sleek and gives off a rustic modern vibe with its leather furniture and wood hues for the floor and tables. There are chairs which can be moved to accommodate seating requirements such as adding an extra chair for one more person, or removing one to make room for a wheelchair. For the indoor seating, there are also retro looking sofas affixed to corner seating which can seat at least 6 people.

If you are more of an outdoorsy person, then the alfresco are outside would suit you.

Breakfast Experience 

As we were on staycation, we had the opportunity to indulge in the breakfast provided by the hotel at Bedrock Origin. If breakfast is not included in your stay rate, it is chargeable. At the time we were staying, we paid about SGD$47++ for a guest who joined us for breakfast one of the days.

[Read more about our Staycation here]

Breakfast is served daily from 7-11am and you need to book your slot at the receiption in 30min slots (e.g. 9:30, 10 etc…). Unlike other hotels where breakfast is buffet style, breakfast at Bedrock Origin is perfect for people who have difficulty choosing what to eat. There are options to choose from either the continental (granola, muesli, power bowl), local comforts (dim sum, nasi lemak, barramundi congee) or western (toast with bacon, salmon or vegan options). Each option comes with a bowl of fruits, and drinks are free to take from the drinks bar.

Unless you have a voracious appetite, the portions were sufficient. We found them to be really large and sometimes we had difficulty finishing the meal.

Over the course of the days we stayed, we made sure to try almost all the food options. 

The Barramundi Mixed Oat Congee consisted of whole grain oat congee starved with locally farmed Kulbarra barramundi belly  topped with floss and you tiao. This was a delight and warms the stomach well on cold mornings.  The portion was big and could be shared between 2 people with moderate appetites.
The Dim Sum was a little disappointing as the bao was a tad too dry for our liking. But the glutinous rice redeemed the rest of the dish. 

For the local delights, they are accompanied with butter bread sticks and soft boiled eggs.

Their Morning Booster which was smoked salmon, mashed avocado, topped with a poached egg and cherry tomatoes and lettuce on the side, was a fulfilling meal. The sourdough bread was just nice and chewy and paired well with the salmon. When the poached egg was burst and the egg yolk covering it all.. simply a delight! 

We also had their vegan option with plant based meat and it was surprisingly good too. 

Improvised Beefless Steak and Eggs Sandwich as they ran out of an ingredient that day.

Hearty Vegetarian Option: toasted crusty sourdough, mushroom patty, plant-based chicken cullet, parsley potatoes with tomato salsa and active of over easy / sunny-side up / scrambled egg.
Beefless Steak and Egg Sandwhich: toasted crusty sourdough, sunny side-up with lettuce

The muesli and granola were my least favourite, since they are not my usual foods for breakfast. It’s weird though, the yogurt served at the wellness spa next door tasted better than the one the restaurant had.

The Nasi Lemak and Hearty (bacon) options were probably the only dishes we had not tried during our stay.

It might be good to note that if you are staying at Oasia Resort Sentosa for more than 5 days, you might get bored of the variety since the menu does not change.

Overall, the breakfast experience was good and the food quality was good. It would have been good if they offered smaller portions for people with smaller appetites or tasters to try the other other foods to reduce food wastage. But you definitely get your money’s worth portion and quality-wise. Service was also good, we were warming greeted and promptly seated by Amy. 

Dinner Experience

As we were celebrating a birthday, we made a reservation for one of the evenings to dine at Bedrock Origin. We were warmly greeted and seated by Benny, who recommended the Spicy Brussels Sprouts.

Some ‘bread’ while waiting for the main course 

We ordered the Aged Kulhbarra Barramundi Tail: where the tail is brined in a salt water solution for an hour before being hanged to dry-age int the fridge for 7 days to intensify and restore it flavour. The barramundi is lightly seasoned with salt and then grilled, before being finished off by spreading a layer of chimichurri on its skin. After being charred, the skin was so crispy, flavourful  and moist. The portion was enough for 3 people. 

The fridge 
Aged Kulhbarra Barramundi Tail

We were recommended the Spicy Brussels Sprouts, and we got Black Truffle Fries. Both of which were perfect sides to the Aged Kulhbarra Barramundi Tail.

The Spicy Brussels Sprouts were a tad spicy but added to the enjoyment of the meal.
The Black Truffle Fries were not oily, crunchy and had a subtle nice hint of truffle.
What would a birthday be with some cake? Complimentary on the house. 😊

All in all, it was a delightful experience for dinner and highly recommended if you want something special  and delightful a the same time. Just make sure you make a reservation as seating is limited, so you won’t get disappointed. 

Bedrock Orign

Address: Oasia Resort Sentosa Hotel, 23 Beach View Road, #01-02 Palawan Ridge, Singapore 098679


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