Beitou Thermal Valley

Right next to the  Beitou Hot Spring Park, the Beitou Thermal Valley is one of the main sources supplying the area with its hot springs water. The sulfuric steam which blankets the valley all year-round exudes spooky feeling, giving rise to nicknames like “Ghost Lake” or " Hell Valley".  

 Fun fact: The first hot spring hotel in Taiwan opened in Taipei’s Beitou district (北投區) in 1896, a year after the Japanese took control of the island.

The temperature at the Beitou Thermal Valley  is very hot and steamy, with a strong odor of sulfur permeating throughout the air.  The water in the valley is hot enough to boil an egg (water temperature ranges from 80-100℃)!

The valley is full of mist and steam, so if you are looking for some photo taking, this would be the spot... if you can tolerate the heat.

We came here in 2012 and did not get a chance to enter the valley to experience the mist and heat as it closes at 5pm. So make sure you plan and arrive during the opening hours. 

Of course, if you are too late it's alright as there are other attractions within the vicinity of Beitou Park. This time as we were staying in the vicinity we made it! 

The valley is a short walk from Beitou hot spring museum and about 15 minutes walk from Xinbeitou Subway Station. However, we walked from our hotel, The Gaia Hotel (Beitou), and got a little lost following google maps. 

The sights while on the way to the valley

There's a quaint little gift shop at the entrance selling hot springs themed merchandise. They sell handmade soap made out of the hot sprint water, and make lovely souvenirs or gifts.
Upon entering the valley, there is a nice viewing area and a small waterfall for you too take photos.

Have you been to the Thermal Valley, if yes what are your thoughts about it? Share it with us in the comments below!

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