Packing for a day to the Theme Park Guide: Top 13 things!

Visiting a theme park can be fun, as well as stressful deciding what to bring or not bring. We make it easier for you by breaking it down into 3 levels, the Basics, Advanced and Intermediate levels.

Let’s start off with the basics. Easy right? Just bring your handphone, wallet, and yourself… ok maybe you need a little more then that.

đź’šBasic Level – the essentials and necessities

1. Lightweight proof umbrella or a disposable / light poncho

Being light not only saves space but makes it easier to carry around. Who wants to lag around a heavy and cumbersome umbrella or worse a poncho which is thick, heavy and difficult to pack back into your back once you don’t require it.

Umbrellas are perfect when it starts pouring and ponchos are dual purpose, it helps when you take water rides in the theme park.

2. Water Bottle
A must have if you want to save monies spending on expensive drinks in the theme park. Plus, it’s just handy having a bottle near you. Get yours here

3. Mobile Phone Case Bag
Between taking out your mobile phone for phones and what not, putting it in a little nifty bag which hangs nicely across your shoulders makes it handy. What’s even better? You can slot in some cash or credit card to make it easier for payment for your souvenirs and food.

If you are going to a water park, then getting a waterproof case would be the best (waterproof photos!). Otherwise the above bag is good.

4. Hand Sanitizer / Wipes
With covid and the recent changes to travel, frequent hand washing is a must when visiting a theme park: all those safety bars and handrails being touched by hundreds of other hands in a day (yours included)!

Having a handy bottle of sanitizer or wipes can help you staying hygienic and keep the germs away as much as possible.

5. Cap / Hat / Sunglasses
We covered the wet in the first point, so how about the hot? The sun may not always be your best friend. Besides using sunblock, a cap / hat and sunglasses can help with the heat and glare. And you get to be fashionable too (who doesn’t look cool in sunglasses?)

Ok there you have it, if you usually pack the above then you have passed the Basic level. Next on to the Intermediate Level.


đź’™Intermediate Level – more essentials and necessities which you never realized you needed

Beside the items mentioned above in the Baisc Level, here are some that might seem a bit extra but at the same time makes sense!

6. Portable Battery Charger / Power Bank
Since you would most likely be out the whole day taking and posting photos, videos and having fun your mobile phone’s battery may run out fast. 

How do you remedy this? Simply just bring a lightweight yet powerful portable batter for charging your mobile phone on the go. There is nothing worse than being at a theme park with a dying battery when your fun has not yet ended, but your phone did.

7. Hair Brush / Comb
Yes, you read that read right. This one might be more for the ladies and those with longish hair. After a wild ride, your hair may not be as pristine as when you started out. So having a portable hair brush or comb will come in handy when you end up with tornado hair.

8. Blister Balm
Theme parks can be massive and walking the whole day may not be so friendly to your feet. Having some blister balm will surely make it better.

9. Deodorant Wipes
Between the hot sun, probably a little rain and/or water rides, and the waits in line for the rides, theme parks can make you long for a cooling shower. Stay refreshed on the go with deodorant wipes. They are also perfect if you are heading off somewhere else for dinner and don’t want to smell like you literally were at a theme park prior.

So how was it? Did those items make it into your list too? If so, congrats you have made it to the Intermediate Level! Want a bit more to see if you made the cut for the Expert Level?


đź’śExpert Level 

10. Insect Repellent
If you want to keep the bugs and mosquitoes at bay, then having insect repellent is a must. 

11. Portable Neck Fan
Hands-free portable neck fans will work wonders at keeping you cool.

12. Water Resistant Shoes
Not only do theme parks require a lot of walking they might also involve water rides, or it might just pour heavily, so chances are high that you will get wet at some point during your visit. Walking around in mushy, wet shoes is not the most pleasant experience. So having a pair of waterproof sneakers will definitely enhance your experience. 

13. Waterproof Camera
Take the perfect picture with a waterproof camera handsfree. It not only is built to be waterproof but also take voice commands to help you capture memories so you can focus on enjoying the ride.

There you have it you are now an Expert

What else do you usually bring along your trips to the theme park? 
Let us know in the comments below!
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