Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5: The perfect budget band

With a fitness or step tracker strapped to your wrist, it is now so much easier to track your fitness progress, or just to ensure and motivate yourself that you are keeping healthy (enough). Nowadays, fitness trackers not only count your steps and tells you the time, it can be used track your heart rate, sleeping patterns, show how much calories you have burned etc… all with the view to helping you improve your fitness. 
There are so many types of fitness trackers which many price points nowadays. They used to cost quite a bit and the only other alternative to buying your own was to get those free fitness trackers which the Health Promotion Board used to give out as part of the annual National Steps Challenge
That was then, now there are simply so many alternatives that you are only limited by your budget. 
For the budget conscious, the average lower range fitness trackers cost around $10-$38, while the mid-range might be around $100 and above, and the high-range like the Apple Watch starts from $599 onwards. 
So if you're like me, and you’re looking for a basic fitness tracker at in the lower price range, the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is one to consider for its low price. You can get it for less than $40 online. There's a newer Xiaomi Mi Band 6 out now, but at about $20 more for a slightly larger screen and a SpO2 sensor which the Band 5 doesn't have I decided to get the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 and save my $20.
The Xiaomi Mi Band 5  is a basic fitness tracker which can do step-tracking and heart rate measurement, as well as monitor your sleep quality and count your calories burned. Moreover, it’s waterproof and lightweight; perfect when you are out and about. The battery life is also good, allowing the fitness tracker to stay charged for days. 
Other features include: 
  • menstruation cycle tracking
  • breath training
  • remote control for your smartphone camera
  • PAI Vitality Index, which essentially gamifies health tracking by giving the wearer a score between 1-100 based on your daily activity and heart rate. (PAI stands for Personal Activity Intelligence and is a feature borrowed from Huami’s Amazfit wearables.)\
  • Sports Mode: 11 sports tracking modes, including running outdoors, treadmill, cycling, indoor cycling, walking, elliptical, rowing machine, yoga, jump rope, pool swimming, and freestyle. 
There is also quite a selection of face watches which can be downloaded, customized and synced to the Xiaomi Band 5 from the Mi Fit companion app.
As mentioned earlier, the Mi Smart Band 5 is light and comfortable to wear, especially at night - it will automatically go about its business monitoring your sleep. In order to get the best sleep data, you will need to enable the sleep assistant mode in the companion app, though be warned that this will affect its battery life. Then in the morning you will get to see a sleep score, a breakdown of sleep including REM sleep, naps, sleep quality analysis, sleep regularity, and sleep data comparison with similar users. 
I found my  Xiaomi Mi Band 5 from Shoppe for $37.90 (delivery is free), and with the coins that I had I actually just paid $30! 
It was totally worth it because the seller also offered a random additional free strap (I received the green strap)and a screen protector in the same deal. Freebies are always welcome. 😍

Delivery was super fast too (since it is a local seller after all): the band and its freebies were shipped out the next day and arrived within 3 days. Box came intact and contents were all in good condition upon arrival. 

Set up was also easy, just download the Mi Fit companion app, choose your preferred watch face and then sync it. 
Overall, you do get what you pay for and for the price the  Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is a pretty decent tracker with a range of fun features which could motivate you to having a more active lifestyle. The accuracy of the sleep analysis and some of the app insights should be taken with a pinch of salt, but for those looking for a budget fitness tracker, the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is something worth getting. 
Do note that this review is my experience shopping for the Xiaomi Band 5 from Shopee, and not on all the products and shops that are available on Shopee. When purchasing, please conduct your own research before making the payment. If you are interested in getting the same product as me, do click on the photos below!

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