New SKECHERS X Sailor Moon Slides & Sandals

One of my latest (and cutest) buys has got to be the New SKECHERS X Sailor Moon Slides
I was browsing Shopee when I came across these adorable slides, with each color representation a main Sailor Scout and adorned with a satin bow with a star transformation brooch.
There are 5 colors: Pink (Sailor Moon)Red (Mars), Yellow (Venus), Blue (Mercury), and  Green (Jupiter).
Their usual retail price is 
$49 per pair, but since it’s sales time (till 5 May 2021) they’re going for just $30!

And with the vouchers (you get a choice between cashback in coins or 10% off). Pink seems to be out of stock but the other colors are there. If your size is not there, give it a day or two and they should replenish the stock. 😊

Oh, and did I mention I bought it via Shopback so I got some cashback from my order on top of that? 😆

[Review for Shopback’s Cashback]

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Delivery was by Ninja Van and it was fast: the parcel came within 2 days (from the day of order). Seeing how adorable they are, I bought 2 pairs (Yellow and Green) for just $45 (I used my Shopee coins to get a further $10 off)! I had also wanted the Blue one but my size was not available at the time… but now that I see it available it’s a little bit tempting. 😝

They might be more for casual wear, or a quick trip to the supermart but then I realized… they make great comfy home slippers too! 
The shoe box is super sweet and pink. Everything came well packed and in order. The moment I tried them one, my feet were feeling happy:
not only was it a perfect fit, the memory foam makes it comfy too.

If you are more into something sporty, then perhaps the sandals representing the cats Luna (Black) and Artemis (White) might be what you might want to get. The original price is $99 and comes with quick-drying properties, which is a super life saver in our humid weather. 

Now with the ongoing sales till 5 May 2021, it’s $65 (not yet including your own coins and vouchers which you can use and save even more money!). 

So if you are interested in getting your own pair click here
Do note that this review is my experience shopping for the New SKECHERS X Sailor Moon Slides from Shopee, and not on all the products and shops that are available on Shopee. When purchasing, please conduct your own research before making the payment. If you are interested in getting the same products as me, do click on the photos below!

p.s. if this is your first time purchasing from Shopee, u
se my referral code ICEPR224 to get $10 off your first purchase! Download the Shopee mobile app now and enjoy hot deals at the best prices!
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