Late Dinner in Myeongdong

After the JUMP show at the Myungbo Art Hall, we took a leisurely walk back to Myeongdong. C had wanted to eat something along the way (she was starving). However, there was not much food options near the Myungbo Art Hall, except for the 1883 Maison Routin France Café within the building.

The distance is not that far and took us about 25-30 minutes to walk back. The cool autumn night certainly made it even more pleasant to be walking and the walk certainly worked up an appetite. When we arrived at Myeongdong, we were greeted by the lights, street food, people and shops!
Shops, people and lights

Due to our hunger, we were able to withstand the temptation of starting our shopping spree (quite a feat I might add) on the first night. While we were trying to decide what to eat while walking and looking around (not a very good choice since you would be spoiled for choice and it would take forever to decide for the indecisive ones), we ended up in a quaint little Korean restaurant up a little slope.

Since the restaurant is in an alley up a slope, it is not very eye-catching. Hence, there were one to two staff outside promoting the place. They were not pushy in anyway, and the fact that it was cold out and we still could not decide where to eat we just ended up there.

It was not a bad choice. Our order of soup noodles and some mandu (dumplings), and the free-flow banchan (side dishes) warmed us up and were enough to satiate our hunger pangs. The restaurant could only accommodate around 15 people, so the tables were quite near each other and it was quite cramped, but the food and service made up for it. 

The menu

It was also quite an experience as it was my first time being in Seoul during autumn, so it too some time getting used to taking off and wearing back my jacket each time we entered and left a restaurant. With our tummies happy, we walked back to our hotel and called it a night. It certainly was quite a fulfilling first day in Seoul!
Cute mascots on a cold autumn's night

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