5 things You Might See On Safari That You Won't See Anywhere Else


There is something amazing about getting to see or do something that you know is really rare, and that not many other people will have gotten to experience - it feels really special. So, here are 5 things you might see on safari that you won't see anywhere else. 

1. The Big Five 


The Big Five is a phrase that was coined by game hunters, and it referred to the animals that were most difficult to hunt - elephants, rhinos, Cape buffalo, leopards, and lions. Now it is used more by safari guides as being the animals that are most exciting to see. 

Thankfully, most of the shooting done towards these animals is via a camera! If you are lucky to tick off seeing all 5 of these amazing animals on one trip you should feel very blessed. 

2. The Great Migration 

Once a year, a pack of over 1.5 million wildebeest, zebra and gazelle make the epic round journey to the Masai Mara in Kenya, from the Serengeti in Tanzania in order to get food and water. Seeing so many animals move as one big collective group is such an incredible sight to behold. If you manage to time your safari trip right, it’s something you will be able to experience. 

3. A kill

In the wild, it really is survival of the fittest and if you are lucky (or unlucky depending on how squeamish you might be!) you could witness the chase of a predator hunting his prey.

Your guide will know what to look out for and will be able to point it out to you - the predator has to be quite sneaky and discreet when stalking so as not to tip off the prey. The whole thing can move incredibly quickly, so you have to keep your eyes peeled! 

4. Mating

It’s not all just death in the animal world, there’s a good deal of love too. After the rainy season, it is a prime mating season, between May and July, so if you are on a safari during these times you might find yourself privy to some private times between the animals! Although for animals this is mainly a way to procreate and they are certainly not shy about it. It’s the circle of life!

5. Birth 

Completing the circle of life, after mating comes birth. January and February and the most common times for this for certain animals, such as wildebeests in the Serengeti, and it is incredibly rare to see calving on a safari. If you aren’t lucky enough to see a birth, you might be able to witness baby animals, such as elephants, being cared for by their mothers. 

A safari is full of once in a lifetime experiences. Unlike many other trips, you just can’t predict what is going to happen - after all, the animals are wild so they aren’t being told what to do! Even if you went on a safari trip again, your experience would be entirely different, and that is part of the draw of this type of trip.

Have you ever been on a safari? What would you be most excited to see? Let me know in the comments.
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