Heyri Art Valley (헤이리 예술마을)

Image from Korea Tourism Organization

Heyri Art Valley is is less than an hour northwest and was the vision of a book publisher many years ago. The inhabitants of Heyri Art Valley are mostly Korean artists such as writers, painters, actors, architects and musicians. Due to the artistic nature of the community, there are residences, workrooms, art galleries and museums, all of which are owned and operated by the artists themselves. In addition, there are also cafes and food courts for the convenience of visitors. 

For the K-drama buffs, it was also another filming location for the for the romantic comedy, "Everybody Has Secrets (2004)" starring Lee Byung-hun & Choi Ji-woo.

To give you an idea about where to start in this eye-catching village, check out the guide below for some tips and pointers:

We were there in the evening and most of the museums were about to close. So instead of taking the shuttle tour of the village, or visit a museum, we had wanted to just walk around and absorb the artsy vibes of the village.

Heyri Art Village (헤이리 예술마을)
One of the many cafes in Heyri Art Village

Unfortunately for us, the weather was pretty cold (and it was pretty dark), so we changed our minds and hopped back to the car to drive around to look for some nice café to chill. We finally settled on this book café which had shelves upon shelves of books. It was called Foresta Book Café. 

From the moment we entered, it was as if we were magically transported into a different world. The café has a bookstore and a museum within its premises. The café is on the first floor and has floor-to-ceiling shelves full of enormous collections of books, vast spaces with tables and chairs and aesthetics that book lovers would drool over.

Note: Like most café/galleries in Heyri Art Valley, the cafe was used as filming location for few K-Dramas (e.g. episode 14 of Fated to Love You - 2014 and episode 7 of Protect the Boss - 2011).

It was pretty quiet when we were there (we were practically the only customers at the time), but the ambience was quite nice. 😊

 Foresta Book Café Heyri Art Village
The brightly colored tables and chairs exuded a cheery vibe on a cold autumn's night
 Foresta Book Café Heyri Art Village
A very high bookcase on the side filled with books
 Foresta Book Café Heyri Art Village
The shop section, since it was nearing December the tree was a bonus
 Foresta Book Café Heyri Art Village
The counter
 Foresta Book Café Heyri Art Village
Each table has a bottle of really pretty fresh flowers
 Foresta Book Café Heyri Art Village
Chilling at the cafe

Verdict: Definitely worth the visit the next time we are in Seoul (for really nice photos and atmosphere), there are still so many places we did not get to explore.

Heyri Art Valley  (헤이리 예술마을)
Operating time: (Closed on Mondays)
Weekdays: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Weekends: 10:30 AM – 6:00 PM

Getting There:
There are various ways you can get there.

Public Transport:
  1. Take the subway to Hapjeong Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 2.
  2. Then take Bus No. 2200 or 900 and get off at Heyri Bus Stop. (07:00-23:20, every 15 minutes; It takes 40-50 minutes)

You could always book your own transfer online for convenience and comfort, that or have a friend who knows how to drive. 😝

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