Review of Klook: Getting the Tourist Octopus Card

Tourist Octopus Card
Tourist Octopus Card with default value of HK$50

When in Hong Kong, it is essential to have the Octopus Card to travel around in the buses and MTR. There are 2 options for the Octopus Card:

  1. On-Loan Card:  this card has a standard design and a HK$50 deposit, with an initial value of HK$100. It costs HK$150. You can return and get back your refund once your trip ends, or keep it for your next trip. However, it is good to note that a refund handling fee will be charged if you return the On-loan Octopus less than 90 days from the date of issue. 
  2. Tourist Octopus Card: a decorative card that does not have any deposit and costs HK$39. In order to use it, top up with the value you are comfortable with. And like the loaned card you can bring it home after your trip and keep it as a souvenir to remember your Hong Kong trip (and use it the next time). The only difference would be the design of the card and the deposit value.

Since I wanted to keep one as a souvenir, I decided to get the Tourist Octopus Card for myself. Although the price for the Tourist Octopus Card on both Changi Recommends and Klook were the same, S$14 (HK$98) with an initial value of HK$50, as a new Klook member there was a further discount of S$2. So it goes without saying that I went with Klook. 😀

Changi Reccomends
Changi Recommends offers the Tourist Octopus Card for S$17, but there is no further discounts (e.g. new members, credit card etc...) and it does not have a membership loyalty program where you can accumulate points to offset future purchases.
Klook not only offers what they claim to be the cheapest price you can find online, with a price guarantee should you be able to find anything else cheaper, but they also have a loyalty program where you can accumulate points to offset your next purchase and there are quite a few promo codes that can be used to make your purchase all the more "sweeter".

The process is very straight forward: select the option and enter in your credit card details. If you have a promo code, do enter it in upon checkout and the email confirmation, along with the QR code will be sent to you email and saved to your Klook account respectively.

Review of Klook: Getting the Octopus Card
Process for getting the Tourist Octopus Card via Klook

After we landed at Terminal 1, we made our way to the Arrival Hall. The Klook counter was at A13 and it was easy to find. Arrival Hall A and B are just right next to each other (a mere 10-15 minute walk). Collection of the card was a breeze, just show the QR code and the card can be collected instantly.

Review of Klook: Getting the Tourist Octopus Card
Counter A13
For those who prefer to get their On-Loan Card instead, there are counters at the Arrival Hall where you can purchase them for HK$150.

This experience with Klook has been a pleasant one. It is really convenient and handy when it comes to planning and booking for travel. Plus with the promotions and loyalty point program, it makes it a pretty attractive platform to book certain travel commodities. While I cannot say for all the offerings there are on Klook, but based on what I have experienced so far,  I would definitely use it again to plan and book for my travels in the future. So here you go... a direct link to purchase the Tourist Octopus Card if you are interested, at no additional cost to you (I just get some pocket money if you do; which is greatly appreciated 😊).

Do note that this review for the Tourist Octopus Card and not all travel options available on Klook. When booking your travel option on Klook, please conduct your own research and verify with the Klook staff before booking anything. If you are interested in getting travel experiences at affordable prices, and still get some of your money back for the next trip, join Klook here and get S$4.30 off your first transaction!What are you waiting for? 😀

Tip: If you want to see what promo codes there are for Klook, you can check out TravelBytez Promo Codes. Do take note of the validity of the promo codes. Happy Travels!

Have you used Klook before? If yes, what are your thoughts about it?

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