Singapore Airlines Economy: Hong Kong here we come!

Excitement filled our hearts as we prepared ourselves to check-in at Changi Airport Terminal 3. This time we tried the self-check in counters and printed out the luggage tags and tickets before dropping off the luggage at the counter to be transported on-board the plane. There was a bit of an error and only 2 out of 3 luggage tags got printed out, but that was soon sorted out at the counter. 

With our luggage checked in, we made our way to the gate to get our SQ866 flight. Departure was slightly delayed for a bit due to a group of 20 transit passengers. Once they were on board, we took off to the skies. This would be one of the difference between a full-serviced flight versus a budget flight; while budget flights may be cheaper (if you don't factor in the extras like luggage fee etc...) you do get what you pay for. It's not that I am against budget airlines, but after my experience with JetStar to Taiwan, I would only take a budget airline to someplace which takes less than 3 hours to get there. Anything more than 3 hours and I would most definitely take a full-serviced flight over a budget one any day: with the promotions nowadays, pricing is competitive and comparable with budget airlines, and you get more value for your money; you just have to buy at the right time.

The flight was a very full one (about 95%), even the seat between K and me was taken up by another passenger; we were hoping to have an empty seat between us, but it was just not meant to be on this flight.

Singapore Airlines Economy: Hong Kong here we come!
A very happening flight as passengers scurried for their seats and space on the overhead cabins.

The plane was a relatively new one, with a 3-4-3 seating configuration and the entertainment system was a touch-screen (finally!). Pillow and blanket were provided as usual and of relatively good quality.

The seats were clean and comfortable, but it seems slightly smaller than on the other flights I have been on (guess Singapore Airlines is really maximizing space). Anyways, the updated entertainment system was certainly a nice updated change.

Singapore Airlines Economy: Hong Kong here we come!
The clean smudge-less touchscreen
Singapore Airlines Economy: Hong Kong here we come!
Even the remote has been updated on the newer planes; definitely about time they did so too.
The earphones were handed out placed outside the entrance of the plane and we were expected
to pick up one along the way as we entered. You even get to keep the earphones.
But no worries, even if you forgot to grab them along the way in, just ask for it and
the flight attendants would provide them: the guy seated between M and I forgot to 
get his before coming onto the flight, and when he asked the air steward gave him
 2 packets!

Service was mostly on point, though one of the senior older stewardess seemed a little too stuffy.  We were settling in and the plane had not yet taken off when she came over and told me to place my bag away in a very condescending tone, which was greatly not appreciated.

Singapore Airlines Economy: Hong Kong here we come!
While the seats and plane was clean, the windows unfortunately were not. 😅

Anyways, we soon took off into the air and begun our journey to Hong Kong. Menus were handed out and they were nicely designed for Singapore Airlines 70th anniversary this year.

Singapore Airlines Economy: Hong Kong here we come!
Doesn't the cover look pretty?
The International option
The Oriental option

C and K had the International option and they weren't particular fans of the fish, which they described as dry and tasteless. So I am pretty glad I went with the Oriental option that came with the Chicken Rice instead. 😂

Singapore Airlines Economy: Hong Kong here we come!
The meal
Singapore Airlines Economy: Hong Kong here we come!
The salad with lemongrass dressing was refreshing and crisp while the chicken rice was not too bad. Although the rice was a little more wet and soggy than I would have liked it to be, the chicken and vegetables were quite nice.
Singapore Airlines Economy: Hong Kong here we come!
Dessert was ice-cream! However, I really wasn't a fan of the Singapore Sling flavor: the pineapple + cherry taste was too strong and tasted too artificial for me. It was quite sad that they only had one flavor and we couldn't choose.

After lunch and another movie later, we finally were approaching Hong Kong but we had to stay in the air for a bit as traffic was heavy that day. Landing was smooth and soon we were making our way to clear immigration and collect our luggage.

Hong Kong Airport
Hong Kong Airport

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