How to capture moments in photographs when travelling

Travelling allows us to see the world in our own special way. It’s a time for exploring, relaxing, discovering and seeing extraordinary things. While these memories stay with you for a lifetime, it’s also great to save these moments and document them for reminders and to share with loved ones.

Keeping memories safe in pictures is the best way to hold on to them forever. It gives you the opportunity to look back through the moments you captured and escape reality to take yourself back into that particular moment.

In just a few simple steps, you can make sure you capture those moments as best you can. Anyone can click a camera, but the outcome doesn’t always represent the moment. Here’s how to best capture memories to truly represent the magical moment forever.


Have just a second before you take a picture to make sure that your lenses are clean- especially phone cameras. They are the most common form of picture taking nowadays with their impressive cameras, but they are also the worst for picking up dirt and fingerprints.

Now take another second to think about how to compose your photograph. The best advice here is to just trust your instinct, aim for an image that provokes you. A photograph can work in the same way as any other artistic form of self-expression such as music, a poem or a sculpture. Play with new perspectives like getting up high to represent a venerable image or get down low to show something powerful.

Colour and angles

With modern digital photography, you have limitless software available to enhance your images; even modern phones have apps that allow you to edit brightness, composure and saturation. However, our sense of what looks right through the eye will always conquer.

Producing photographs that truly represent what you saw with your eyes are the best way to document and keep your photographic integrity. Also take advantage of weather conditions, just after a rainfall you will notice clearing skies and with a cleansed atmosphere, colours appear more vivid.

Choosing a subject

Try and avoid photograph clichés, you want to capture an image that is completely unique. It certainly pays off to investigate what lies in front of you so that you can really and truly see what is there, rather than just looking. Take that time to research your destination thoroughly. 

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, if you have a good eye, you can capture beautiful pictures where ever. Whether you’re merely just enjoying a vacation in one of the UK’s scenic caravan holiday parks or you are back packing across Middle East. Doesn’t matter what you are doing, there is always something beautiful to capture if you are really ‘looking’.

Portraits and perspectives

If you are photographing landscape, the exchange is between you and whatever it is that you see in front of you. Features are not likely to move and you can wait for light or weather conditions to pass to allow you to capture the image at the most perfect moment.

Portraiture is slightly more difficult. Whether you are photographing someone you are with, or just a passer-by, you have a snapshot of a second to get that right facial expression to portray the moment in the best way. With this type of photography, don’t wait for the moment, go and find the moment. If you see something happening and you want to capture it, just do it.

Don’t wait to be asked to take a photo or ask their permission. A brave photographer is a great photographer.

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