Our Talad Neon Night Market Experience

Talad Neon Night Market
Talad Neon Night Market just right after Platinum Fashion Mall

Over the 3 days that we were in Bangkok, we visited the Talad Neon Night Market over the 2 nights we were there. From our hotel, Glow Pratunam, the night market is about 10-15 minutes walk away. [Our Glow Pratunam Review]

Opened since December 2016, Talad Neon is a new night market comprising of stalls selling home ware, clothing, food & beverages. Like its namesake, the night market is brightly lit with neon lights has a youthful vibe.

What sets Talad Neon apart from the other night markets is that it is newer and more organized: the alleyways are not as cramped and the stores are relatively spaced out. Air circulation is also better than let’s say the Chatuchak Weekend Market, but of course the number of stores and food is much lesser.
Talad Neon Night Market
Stalls selling there wares and there is even a corner for children with a mini Ferris Wheel and other children stuff
Talad Neon Night Market
The food stalls
Talad Neon Night Market
If you get tired there are stalls that have seating, where you can order some food and/or drinks and chill out 😊
Talad Neon Night Market
All the food we are on the first night!

In addition to the food we already had, in order to combat the hot and humid weather (at night) we stopped by a store to have some supper of Phad Thai and Coconut Milkshake. It was a pleasant experience and since there was no crowd we managed to get a seat easily. The stall owner was also nice as we were allowed to eat our Mango Sticky Rice which we had bought from another stall.

Talad Neon Night Market
The palatable Phad Thai 😋😋😋
Talad Neon Night Market
If you ever are in Talad Neon, do try the Coconut Milkshake! Regular & Large sizes side by side 😂
Talad Neon Night Market
Pretty and yummy mango sticky rice! 😍

Some people say that the night market is small and that that is nothing much to see, but in reality if you have been to one market you have been to them all since they sell similar items at similar price ranges. 

Recommended: For those who are new to Bangkok or the night market scene, or simply staying within the vicinity, a visit to Talad Neon is highly recommended. We were quite happy with Talad Neon Night Market and bought quite a few things. Watches and clothes were a little more unique as we did not find any similar designs at Platinum Mall. We even made a trip the night before our flight to do some last minute shopping. 👍

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