French Toasts at After You Café at Central World (Bangkok)

After a day of shopping at Chatuchak Weekend Market and Platinum Fashion Mall, it was already evening and time for dinner. We decided to have some dessert for dinner at After You Café.

Prior to the trip, I was scouring the internet for a café that was nearby our hotel and After You Café came up multiple times. After You Café has many branches in Bangkok and the nearest one to our hotel is the branch at Central World Mall, which is about a 10 minute walk away from our hotel, Glow Pratunam.  

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After You Café is one of the popular cafes in Bangkok and the long queues can attest to that. Although we had the unit number of After You Café (on the 7th floor), it took us quite some time to locate it. The reason being that amongst all the restaurants and food stores, the cafe was pretty inconspicuous with its simple theme which somehow blended into the surroundings. The café is located on the 7th floor and we walked around at least 3 times before we noticed After You Café! 😅

After You Café at Central World located right next to the Food Mall
After You Café at Central World located right next to the Food Mall

But find After You Café we did. The queue was long and we had to get a ticket and wait till it was out turn to be called. If you miss your number being called, you would have to repeat the process and wait longer.

After You Café at Central World (Bangkok)
Our number

Since there was about a 20 minute wait and we were quite hungry, we filled our tummy with the cheese tarts that were being sold nearby. The cheese tarts were a disappointment as they were cold and quite tasteless actually, but it helped to fill the stomach a little while we waited for our turn.

When it was our turn, we made our order at the counter before being seated. We ordered:
  1. Shibuya Honey Toast at 155 baht
  2. Nutella Toast at 195 baht
  3. Cheese Toast at 175 baht
  4. Iced Holick Latte at 105 baht
  5. Lavender Lychee Soda at 115 baht
Lavender Lychee Soda
Pretty Lavender Lychee Soda
Nutella Toast
Nutella Toast: The combination was pretty nice and not overly sweet.
Shibuya Honey Toast
Shibuya Honey Toast: The much raved about Honey Toast was really pretty standard and much overhyped, but still nice nonetheless.
Cheese Toast
Cheese Toast: We kind of overdid it with the toasts and by the time the Cheese Toast arrived we were almost overdosed!

Tip: If you want to spend more on food rather than drinks, complimentary drinking water available.
In conclusion, the visit to After You was novel and recommended only if the queue is not very long. After all, other than the hype ambiance and interesting looking drinks (which taste nice), the food is pretty much normal.

Address: Central World, Level 7
Opening hours: Daily 1000 to 2200
Social Media: Website

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