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Our JR Passes were still valid so we hopped on the JR Yamanote Line 各停 towards Shinjuku at the Shibuya Station. Without the passes, it would have cost us 160¥ each per trip. Shinjuku was just two stops away (it was the 3rd stop from Shibuya Station).

Shinjuku Station
Orientation of the Shinjuku Station could be very challenging, it would be good to orient yourself with the major directional exits so that you will have an easier time exploring the area.
Shinjuku Station
We came out the B16 exit(near the station's west exit ) and soon found ourselves having a look see at Bic Camera  - one of Japan's leading discount electronics retailers.

Bic Camera sells everything from TVs, toaster ovens, iPhones, Air Con units ... and of course, cameras. There were quite a lot of interesting gadgets for window shopping.

Once we were done with window shopping, we walked out of  Bic Camera  and just let our feet lead the way. The Shinjuku area covers a large area, with one side housing all the huge departmental malls like Isetan, Takashimaya, Keio Mall etc... While the other side towards north (after Takashimaya) is called Kabukicho - the red light district of Shinjuku. We ended up walking towards the direction of the shopping malls and had dinner at Isetan. Here are some of the sights along the way:

Shinjuku Uniqlo
Shinjuku Tano Cafe
Tano Cafe
Area Map
Graffiti along the way
 Shinjuku Don Quijote
Don Quijote
Lights, food and interesting sights
Past through this alley and we found ourselves at Isetan

Isetan in Shinjuku is very high end, quite different from Isetan Singapore. With a history of over 100 years, Isetan is considered a veteran among Shinjuku's department stores. The Shinjuku Isetan is its flagship store, and consists of 10 floors, including restaurants on the top floors and a food department in the basement. 

Shinjuku Isetan
We wandered into this restaurant within the massive Isetan complex and never looked back! The service was impeccable
The staff was proficient in English, they even have an English menu which was a plus.
Shinjuku Isetan
Very Japanese 'feels'
Shinjuku Isetan
Tea was served along with some fish crackers.. yum!
Shinjuku Isetan
The menu! We had one of each 😋😋😋
Shinjuku Isetan
Tempura on rice in a box: the tempura was cripsy and not greasy, a perfect combination with the rice and soba noodles!
The chawanmushi was simply a delight - smooth and eggilicious 😋😋
Shinjuku Isetan
Seafood Chirashi-zushi dinner tray: The seafood shashimi was fresh and more than a delight. When paired with the
soba and tempura, no words can describe the combination. 💕
Shinjuku Isetan
The counter where goods like tea and crackers are sold.
With our tummies filled and happy, we walked out into the night of Shinjuku.

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