SA Tours Fabulous Kyushu Day 1 & 2 (7 Days): Huis Ten Bosch Park and Dinner

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Huis Ten Bosch Park
Huis Ten Bosch Park

Don’t be deceived by the name Huis Ten Bosch Park, is it not just a mere park, but a themepark which is a replication of the Netherlands: life-size replicas of old Dutch buildings (e.g. hotels, villas, theatres, museums, shops and restaurants, and canals) are displayed throughout the park along with amusement rides and seasonal flowers decorating the park to give your eye a treat.

One of the benefits of following a packaged tour is that the price of the admission fee and transport are already included, so all you have to do is to be shuttled from place to place. Huis Ten Bosch Park was the next stop after lunch and it was a memorable experience. The entrance to the park was quite impressive and the buildings within the themeparks were good opportunities for those selfies/wefies. If you haven’t been to the Netherlands yet, than this park would be the next closest thing. It’s like a bigger and better version than Chocolate Ville (Bangkok) (in my opinion).

Huis Ten Bosch Park
A very Dutch looking windmill
Huis Ten Bosch Park
A palace.. a castle?
Huis Ten Bosch Park
If we had enough time, riding one of these around the
park would have been good

After enjoying the scenic views that Huis Ten Bosch Park had to offer (there was not much time to try out the rides), it was time for lunch. So we were whisked away by our tour guide to the bus and made our way to dinner, which was a Japanese restaurant.

Huis Ten Bosch Park
On the way to dinner

The restaurant that we were brought to for dinner. It had a very typical Japanese feel to it and needless to say...
... the cuisine served was Japanese!

Once we were in the restaurant, our tour guide arranged us (ok he just told us where to seat) and the food shortly arrived after. The dinner consisted of udon, rice, a salad, tempura and some sashimi on the side with pickles. It was a pretty fulfilling dinner since the items were more than lunch (which were more like an appetiser for me lol). 

With our tummies contented and our bodies weary, it was time to head to the hotel to rest for the night. The hotel for that night was  Hotel New Omani Kumamoto.

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