Rice & Fries - We are back!

It has become somewhat of a 'tradition', that when it is the end of one cycle of Korean language lessons, we would head over to Rice & Fries to celebrate. We've been there 2-3 times since the last time we stumbled upon this gem of a place. The last time we wanted to dine there was just before 2015, but unfortunately the lesson ended later than usual that day, And so we reached Rice & Fries at about 09:30pm - the time for the last order had already passed. So sadly, no supper for us.

This time we managed to make it on time! :) So the moment the (last) lesson for that cycle ended, we made a dash to Fries & Rice. This was our first visit in 2016, and there have been some changes to this quint little cafe. For one, they have updated their decor and they have also updated their menu.
Rice & Fries
Pre-2016 decorations
Rice & Fries
Pre-2016 decorations
2016 decor
2016 decor

Speaking of their updated menu, there is no more BFF Fries! *sobs sobs*  Service was prompt and friendly. In fact, the servers actually give us some ideas on making our own 'fries'.

BFF Fries
Bye Bye BFF Fries :(
Rice & Fries
Hello DIY "BFF" Fries lol

So to compensate for the departure of the BFF Fries, we ordered the Truffle Fries, Potato Wedges and Cheese Fries (which came complimentary with the order of 2 main courses - an ongoing promotion at the time). It wasn't that bad... Just that we missed the BFF Fries.

Cheese Fries
Cheese Fries: Nice and cheesy
Truffle Fries
Truffle Fries: The truffle is strong with this one. So those truffle fries lovers out there, these fries are worth a try!

In addition to the fries, we had chicken chop and risotto. A perfect way to end the night. And it only cost us about $16++ each (there were 5 of us)!

The mushroom risotto was just as nice as the last time we had it.
The rosemary chicken this time came with rice rather than fries :) Guess they saw that we had too much fries.

As usual a result of our binging feasting, we all ended up in a state of food coma!  One of the attractive points of Rice & Fries (besides the reasonably good food) is that there is no GST and no service charge, so it’s an affordable place suitable for families, students and young adults. Water is (still) complimentary and self-serviceable from water dispenser. 

Rice & Fries
Address: 484 Changi Road (off Frankel Avenue), Singapore 419896
Contact: +65 64456390
Social Media: Facebook | Instagram
Opening Hours: 11am - 11pm Daily
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