SA Tours Fabulous Kyushu Day 1 & 2 (7 Days): On towards Japan! 1st stop - Nagasaki Chinatown

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Though the tour states that it is for 7 days, our flight to Japan was a night flight hence one day was wasted and the tour officially started on the second day. So technically, the tour should really be just 6 days. Anyways, our flight on Singapore Airlines brought us to Japan, Fukuoka Airport, early in the morning.

On the way to Nagasaki
The food on the flight. It wasn't too bad.

Once we cleared immigration and got our luggage, we were greeted by our tour guide, who was a Taiwanese proficient in Japanese. With our luggage in tow, we boarded the bus which brought us to the first stop of the tour - Nagasaki Chinatown. Our tour group comprised of Singaporeans and there were about 20 of us.

As its name suggests, it is a Chinatown of sorts and you can see the Chinese influence strongly influencing the architecture of the town. The origins of this Chinatown came from the many Chinese that were (forcibly) moved from Chinese settlements at the end of the Edo period in a bid to combat commercial fraud. It has since evolved since then, becoming one of the popular tourist spots to visit when you are in Nagasaki.  
Nagasaki Chinatown
There are many venting machines located on the street.
Nagasaki Chinatown
A shop selling wines

Nagasaki Chinatown is especially popular for tourists during the Lantern Festival, when the town is decorated with thousands of lanterns. A pity that it was not the time of the festival when we visited, but it was still a good experience: walking through the streets lined with restaurants, shopping and temples (it is a touristy place after all) amidst strongly influenced Chinese architecture and décor with hints of Japan in them.
Nagasaki Chinatown
Streets of Nagasaki Chinatown 
Plum paste cake. A little plain but still quite ok for me
Plum paste cake. The taste was subtle, so those with a preference for stronger flavours might find it a tad blend.

Since this was a packaged tour, lunch was provided so we did not have to fret over the cost of lunch or what to eat. Being a tourist hotspot, I would assume that the prices aren’t so cheap. Lunch was acceptable.
Nagasaki Chinatown

After lunch, we went to the nearby Suizenji Park for a stroll and to digest lunch!

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