SA Tours Fabulous Kyushu Day 1 & 2 (7 Days): Exploring Kumamoto Station at night

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So after a whole day out since landing in Japan, after checking in Hotel New Otani Kumamoto, there was still time to explore the neighborhood - the Kumamoto Station to be exact.

Kumamoto Station
Kumamoto Station

Within Kumamoto Station is a treasure trove of shopping areas with some really neat souvenirs on sale.  Throughout the station's shopping area you can see its mascot - an adorable bear!

Kumamoto Station
The bear mascot!

I have to say Japanese convenience stores are really the epitome of stores! There is just so much you can find within such a small area, and the variety of food and snacks available, more than than a boring convenient store in Singapore (unfortunately). The amount and variety of sushi, sandwiches and even cup noodles would easily win hands down.

Kumamoto Station
All that variety!
Kumamoto Station
Even a simple apple store display reflects the Japanese dedication to detail as each items seems to be placed with
careful intention.

One thing to note when shopping in Japan, being the 'green' country that it is and the dedication they have towards recycling, is that you are expected to bring your own grocery bag or your would have to pay 10 cents for the plastic bag.

Kumamoto Station

Anyways, after a whole day out and exploring Kumamoto Station it was time for us to head back to Hotel New Otani Kumamoto to rest up for the next day's adventure!

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