Tuk tuk Experience to Central World: the movies and ice-cream

Since the hotel we were staying at, which was Novotel Platinum Pratunam Hotel, provided complimentary tuk tuk service to the nearby shopping malls (e.g. Siam Paragon, Central World, Big C etc…) and nearby BTS stations, we just had to try it!

Tuk tuk Experience to Central World: To the movies and ice-cream

Anyways, after breakfast we decided to head down to the lobby to see if the tuk tuk was available (it is on the hour by the hour on a first-come-first-serve basis). We ended up having the whole tuk tuk to ourselves (4 persons). The tuk tuk service was a nice touch to our stay, and it was an interesting experience being on the streets on a vehicle similar to a car and motorcycle at the same time.

Tuk tuk Experience to Central World: To the movies and ice-cream
With no door (per se) or glass panels separating us from the passing vehicles and passers-by on the walkways, it was a surreal experience (minus the smog from the vehicles of course).
Tuk tuk Experience to Central World: To the movies and ice-cream
Full view of the tuk tuk which can accommodate a maximum of 6 persons.

We decided to go to the nearby Central World and it took less than 10 minutes to get there. We were alighted opposite the mall and had to cross the road, which was a tad challenging as there were no traffic lights and moving vehicles.

 Central World
There were ongoing sales within Central World, so it was a little hard trying to control the ‘shoppaholics’ in us, but resist (as much as possible) we did!

While window shopping, we came across this really quaint and adorable ice-cream parlor that was called “Frozen Bride” that sold ice-cream shaped like the petals of a flower which closely resembles a rose. There were 2 options to choose from, 1 or 2 flavors. Having 2 flavors would cost a bit more than a single flavor, but having two flavors not only gives the eyes a fest, the taste buds would also happy with twice the flavors. So we ended up getting the 2 flavored ice-cream that was priced at 159 baht each.

Frozen Bride
Frozen Bride also is decked out in sweet pink and there’s a cute pink booth (behind) that is a nice sport for taking photos / wefies / selfies
Frozen Bride
Shaping our ice-cream
Frozen Bride
Strawberry sorbet and tiramisu flavor
Frozen Bride
Tiramisu and pistachio flavor

So if you ever at Central World, do check out Frozen Bride and have a flower, ahem, I mean ice-cream that is a delight to the senses.

After our mini ice-cream binge and window shopping, we decided to watch a movie. And I have to say, the cinema experience was an interesting one. The setup of the cinema at Central World is similar to those we can find in Singapore, except on a much bigger scale (from the number of theaters to the number of seats within the theaters). Amusingly enough, that week was the week that ”Minions” was already showing in Singapore, but in Bangkok it was to be released at least 1-2 weeks after.

Jurassic World
Movie for the day

The choices of movies and movie timings, coupled with the fact that DramaQueen’s mom can’t really grasp complicated plots in English, we settled for “Jurassic World” since the plot was simple enough and you can understand the gist of the movie by the body language.
Buying the tickets was a breeze and the language barrier was almost non-exsistent
Buying the tickets was a breeze and the language barrier was almost non-existent

One interesting aspect of the cinema experience was the variety of popcorn, unlike Singapore which only offers sweet and salty flavors, the cinema at Central World offered interesting flavors such cheese and bbq!

I have to admit cheese popcorn together with sweet popcorn is the perfect combination! The popcorn was flavored really well and was not soggy at all, simply a delight that enhanced the cinema experience. If only we had cheese flavored popcorn here in Singapore at the cinemas…

A mix of cheese flavored and sweet popcorn - the best!

Another interesting aspect of the Bangkok movie experience would have to be the part where cinema goers have to stand in respect to the King before the start of the movie while a montage of his achievements is played on the screen.

All in all, it was a pretty fulfilling day with window shopping, food and a movie. When we headed back to our hotel, there was a food fair along the way so it was definitely a fest for the eyes and tummy!

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