Margaret River Hideaway & Farmstay (Australia)

Hello everybody! This is Tinklebelle and I will be sharing on my experience at Margaret River Hideaway & Farmstay! My family made our way to Australia for the school holidays and with children ranging from the ages 1 to 7, what better place to visit than at a farmstay to enhance the children’s experience. Coincidentally, we also managed to escape from the haze which hit Singapore for a while.

Margaret River Hideaway & Farmstay (Australia)
Our home for 3 days and 2 nights

We stayed at Margaret River Hideaway & Farmstay for 3 days and 2 nights and it was an interesting experience, especially for the children. The animals roam the farm freely and there would be the occasional peacock, chicken, cow or sheep that crossed paths with us. The children's' interaction with the animals, especially during feeding time, was definitely a new (and good) experience for them.

Margaret River Hideaway & Farmstay (Australia)
The view from the room, with the occasional cow or two walking by

Being up close and personal with the animals, petting them, feeding them, and the occasional hug will not only let the children get used to them, but also increase their confidence and their adaptability towards new experiences. It was actually also a little amusing to see their reactions towards the chickens, especially the chickens, because while they found the cows and sheep adorable and even hugged them, the children were a little scared of the chickens and shunned the clucking creatures.

Margaret River Hideaway & Farmstay (Australia)
Animal feeding time!

Animals aside, the cottage that we stayed in was comfortable enough and completed the feeling of staying on a farm. There was ample of space for the children to run amok all over the place. The beds were clean and comfortable. The kitchen was clean, functional and well equipped.

Margaret River Hideaway & Farmstay (Australia)
The rooms and beds, not to mention a furnace!

If I had one complain, then it would have be to the bathroom. The bathroom was not only a distance from the bedrooms but it was separated into 2 different rooms: the shower room and the ‘potty’ room, which could be a little troublesome. It also wasn’t the latest designed bathroom as its age was starting to show (more), compared with the rest of the cottage. The showerhead was a tad rusty and for some odd reason there was a child's bathtub at the foot of the shower, which made it an odd bath experience particularly for an adult.

Margaret River Hideaway & Farmstay (Australia)
The separated bathroom and the off children's size bathtub at the bottom of the shower

It’s good to know that the farmstay will be adding new studios which will give a more updated experience. Else be prepared for a farmstay that brings you slightly back in time, homey and comfortable, but slightly from a different era (the 90s perhaps?).

Simple breakfast was available and consisted of cereal, milk, orange juice, bread, butter and jam, coffee and tea were provided during our stay. There are also BBQ facilities outside the cottages. We did not do any barbecues because the weather was simply too cold!

If you want to head out to buy some groceries or dine out instead, the farmstay is about 10 minutes from Margaret River Town.

But all in all, the serene surroundings and frolicking animals offered a good break from the usual hustle and bustle of city life. It was a good experience overall and recommended for families with young children wanting to experience a little of the farm life.

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