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Shopping online has always been a fun affair: the anticipation of waiting for the parcel to arrive and the joy of simply opening the parcel to get your hands on the goodies. It would be better if it were free, but that is another story altogether. Well, while you cannot get freebies ever so often, you can actually start making your purchases earn cashback for you when you shop. And who knows? The money that you ‘earn’ back from your purchases might actually fund some of your future purchases, which really makes it easier on the wallet while keeping your shopping ‘self’ happy at the same time; a win-win situation.

With over 300 stores, there certainly is plenty to ogle at and the best part is that you get back a portion of your purchase in the form of cashback. There are so many coupons codes and promotions for stores like,, etc… that it’s simply revolutionary  

Oh and for those of you Taobao lovers out there, you can shop at and get cashback for your purchases with all those tempting Taobao Singapore deals & offers. There are even instructions on how to get cashback on your purchases from It is simply a rewarding shopping paradise and fairly straight forward too!

And it doesn't just stop at Fashion, there are so many shops to choose, from those that sell food & beverage all the way to travel and lifestyle. It really is a online shopping haven.

For those who are always looking for travel deals. Don't forget to check the latest travel deals with ShopBack. From flights to hotels to car rentals and tour packages, it really is a comprehensive directory of travel deals with cashback as a reward for your purchase. 

With Christmas around the corner, I know where I would be be doing my shopping this year. So what are you waiting for? Start shopbacking today!
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