Pentaxyl Anti-Wrinkle Cream and Motives (Cosmetics) Makeup Party

Over the weekend I was invited to a Motives (makeup) party by my Korean language classmate. It was held at one of the rental apartments and organized by her Taiwanese partners/friends. They are part of the group and mainly work with/sell Motives (makeup) and skincare products.
Motives (Cosmetics)
A portion of the products displayed that day
According to Wikipedia, “America/ is an internet marketing and product brokerage company that utilizes the internet (including social media platforms) and one-to-one marketing to distribute a variety of products across numerous markets. The company was founded in 1992 by JR and Loren Ridinger.

After goggling for a bit and reading more about the company, I guess simply put, can be likened to something like, EBay, and Amazon etc... The only difference is that instead of (online) shops selling their own products and doing their own thing (using, EBay, and Amazon etc... as platforms to sell their products independent of the site per se), sellers on can actually be part of the company by being a partner and ordering products to sell on their own. Akin to something of being an affiliate, but the difference is the investments and returns are usually higher; partners act like independent distributors of the brand they are the representatives of.

In a way the business model resembles a MLM Scheme, and while I am not too keen on (and a tad weary of) MLMs, as long as I don’t have to join any scheme or buy anything in bulk that I have to (re)sell, using the products and buying the ones I like (and actually work) is fine by me.

My Korean language classmate’s partners from Taiwan are akin to independent distributors for the Motives Cosmetics Brand. They sell (mainly Motives cosmetics) and skin care products via their own shops. The group consisted of women from all walks of life with a common interest – makeup and beauty products. There was a ‘marketing manager’ (the so called leader), a housewife and even a professional makeup artist (who apparently works on artistes at a Taiwanese television station) amongst their team of about 5 people.

To their credit, there was passion for not only the products but also how to use them and wanting to share this discovery with people. As they were Taiwanese, the conversations and introductions/presentations were done in Mandarin. There were many products on display, and on that day they had chosen to talk about this mask that also doubles up as a whitehead remover, the new makeup products (and how to actually apply makeup correctly along with some makeup tips), whitening skincare and sunscreen protection. They weren’t pushy and were friendly, encouraging us to only buy the products if we like them and to do so online (when we wanted to buy - good marketing tactic).

The demonstration of the amazing black/whitehead remover!

MLM schemes aside, as the products being sold on are online and usually not sold over the counter (easily accessible), these parties give good exposure to the skincare products and makeup. They not only introduce these products to newbies, but also let potential customers try out the products to see if it is suitable for their skin and whether or not they like it. And having a team member that works as a professional makeup artist for the television studio (in Taiwan) does help in credibility, that much I would admit.

That day, we were introduced to quite a few products, from cosmetics to skincare. What stood out the most for me that day was the Pentaxyl (anti-wrinkle) cream (it’s never too early or late to anti those wrinkles! haha).
Pentaxyl Anti-Wrinkle Cream
Pentaxyl Anti-Wrinkle Cream

According to the Taiwanese hosts, Pentaxyl was originally used as a product to reduce stretch marks, but someone put it on their face and realized that it worked well for ironing out / delaying those wrinkles as well. It’ s to be used with a face massager thingy. I tried it and I liked the texture of the cream (not too greasy or oily, and easily absorbed into the skin), so I bought a tube to try. A tube of the Pentaxyl costs S$106.75, but If it was to be purchased online from, there is some cash back that can be accumulated to be used for other purchases (very useful!).

[Pentaxyl Review - Will It Work For You? Let's Find Out!]

Like I said earlier, while I am not into the MLM scheme of things, I will buy and introduce the products if they are worth it and good enough to be used…. And I am not being forced into anything that will ‘make me more money’. I just buy them face products to have a ‘happier’ face.

So if you are curious and interested to check out Pentaxyl or any of the cosmetics/skincare, do remember to check out my friend’s shop. [Corinna's Shop] Yes, her shop will be one that I’ll be visiting regularly and perhaps write some reviews of the products that I purchase from there…so this is not an advertorial or sponsored post since I wasn’t even paid to write this! Lol Here's the beautifu faces and healthier skin! ^^
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