Dragon Bridge and Da Nang City at night (Vietnam)

During our time in Da Nang, after dinner we were brought into the city center across the Dragon Bridge to have an experience of the nightlife. The Dragon Bridge (Vietnamese: Cầu Rồng) is a bridge, with a head of a dragon at one end and its tail at the other, that spans over the River Hàn (seems that han is a common river name - China has it and so does Seoul) at Da Nang, Vietnam.

Dragon Bridge and Da Nang City at night (Vietnam)
The Dragon Bridge and the fire it 'spews' out at 9pm on weekends.
At night, the bridge is lighted up and this Dragon Bridge literally ‘breathes’ fire (and water) each Saturday and Sunday night at 9pm. We were alighted somewhere near the Dragon Bridge and the area was similar to Clarke Quay: there were restaurants, hotels, shops and city lights illuminating the night sky, along with the occasional ferry with bright and colorful LED lights ferrying tourists along the river for the night scenery.

Dragon Bridge and Da Nang City at night (Vietnam)
 A night view of the city on a ferry anyone? ^^

Walking along the pathways was an interesting experience as there were sporadic groups of Vietnamese who did some line dancing, taichi etc… We were also approached by a girl (around her early twenties?) who was studying English and wanted to practice her language skills with us by sharing about her city and where to get some good food around the area. Why did she approach us when we were just walking along the pathway admiring the city lights and people watching minding our own business? Well, I guess that is because we had a couple of people in our group that were not Asian looking, and one of the persons’ approached her to ask her something (no idea what though lol).

After chatting for a bit it was time for the Dragon Bridge show to start. While most people went over to watch the show, my roommate and I decided to head back to our comfy beds at the Pullman Danang Beach Resort to call it a night. What can I say? It was a really tiring having to walk in the scorching weather for our teambuilding activity earlier in the day. And after all that eating and walking, the comfortable bed at the resort beckoned us. hahaha

But that doesn’t mean that we did not get to ‘experience’ the Dragon Bridge show. Those that went to catch the show not only narrated what happened but also took a video for us who did not watch the show. Apparently they did not expect the dragon to spurt out water and so they were unexpectedly drenched in water. The videoman’s (expensive) camera equipment was totally soaked! Thankfully it dried out and is working fine.

All in all it was a memorable night out at the city center and getting to experience life as the locals do: seeing the things they did (e.g. dancing, exercising) and enjoying the sights and sounds. The pace of life in Da Nang seems slow(er) paced than cities like Singapore, Seoul and Taipei etc…

Dragon Bridge and Da Nang City at night (Vietnam)
The city streets at night all decked out for the year of the sheep (2015)
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  1. Sounds like a cool show, very bright and colorful. Makes me laugh a little bit at the guy who got drenched unexpectedly, glad it didn't ruin his camera. Awesome post!

    1. Hi Craig,

      thanks for visiting and leaving a comment! Yes, thank goodness his expensive camera equipment was not ruined. :)