Dinner at Central World - Zen Japanese Restaurant

After an eventful day out after a half day tour at the Maeklong Railway Market and the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market (ตลาดน้ำดำเนินสะดวก), we decided to head back to the hotel to escape the sweltering heat (for a while) and decide where to go next, Platinum Mall (again) or some other shopping mall in the vicinity. In the end, PrincessyLee decided that we should take a walk to Central World and have dinner there. So walk we did, though the busting (human and vehicle) traffic streets with a whiff of some really bad smog (from the traffic). It took us about 15-25 minutes or so (on foot) to get to Central World Shopping Mall, but it was well worth the walk (sans the scorching sun).

Upon arriving at the entrance of Central World, the outlook of the building was pretty impressive and its interior resembled that of a shopping mall you would be able to find along Orchard Road (in Singapore); a really huge shopping mall and a somewhat upgrade (a little more upscale) from Platinum Mall (in furnishings, décor and items being sold). Central World has its own cinema, a great variety of shops selling clothes, accessories etc…with a good balance of branded designer items, big brands (e.g. H&M) and even budgeted items, and a plethora of restaurants with cuisines ranging from Western, Italian all the way to Japanese.

No thanks to the on-going curfew at the time, we decided to play it safe (no movie or vigorous shopping) and just have dinner instead (after a bout of window shopping of course). Given the variety of food options, it took us quite a while to finally decide what to eat. But decide we did and we chose this Japanese restaurant called, “ZEN Japanese Restaurant”.

Zen Japanese Restaurant
Zen Japanese Restaurant

From the moment we entered the restaurant to when we were seated down and eating, it did not seem that we were in Bangkok at all: the ornaments that adorned the walls and surroundings, and seating layout were very Japanese-like and literally transported us to a place outside of Bangkok.

Zen Japanese Restaurant
The very Japanese interior
PrincessyLee ordered the saba set (with rice) while I ordered a dish that resembled a beef don (or similar). Both meals were served with a soup and a side of kimchi (? – made me wonder for a split second if we were in a Japanese or Korean Restaurant haha).

Saba Set
The Saba Set which came with a bowl of rice and a rather large piece of fresh saba, served with a side of soup and kimchi
The set I had, I think there was rice underneath (lol)
Anyways, the food in general tasted pretty nice and the pricing was reasonable too. Service was prompt and acceptable, though it would have been better if the waitresses/waiters did not just, well, literally stand around and ‘wait’ (it was a slow day given the curfew, protests and all, but still when you have more than 3 waitresses just standing around you while you eat, it can get a little bit stressful).

Thai Milk Tea
And how could we forget the drinks? PrincessyLee had the Thai Milk Tea. This is before it was mixed...
Thai Milk Tea
The drinkable version, all milky tea goodness! ^^
Sprite - the Thai Version
It seems that I was on a Sprite spree when I was in Bangkok. I just love the slim looking cans hehehe

With dinner in our happy tummies, we made our way back to our hotel sidetracked to Platinum Mall again for another round of intense shopping (lol) and managed to buy bubble tea, before ending the day with a wonderful Thai foot massage.

Bubble Tea
Some random bubble tea shop that we stumbled across called COCO
Bubble Tea
Tea with bubbles (pearls) for just 50 baht. It was pretty nice.

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