The Learning Journey: Preparation for the Next Level and Some Thoughts

This level (B3) has been the most challenging and event one yet: besides having to adjust to a new teacher's style (and handwriting), there were the different tenses (past, future etc...) and all the other particles and honorifics. It did not help that my motivation discipline to study got lost somewhere in-between with the honorifics, polite speech / writing and directions, and a lot of work to do. So I have some major revising to do to catch up!
Anyways, before I even realized it, 13 or rather 12 lessons have already past by and it is that time for the test, the Korean Test. It has been a busy week so studying was really kept to the minimal. In fact, it is a good thing that we have our own chat group to spur each other on (and 감사합니다 서생님의 힌트. ㅋㅋㅋ) I can't say I am good, but I can see the slight improvement: from knowing nothing at all to understanding really simple sentences and really really basic comprehension in reading and writing. My pace with the lessons are definitely faster than if I were to attempt to self-study (I wanted to do that with French and I haven't even started... yet... sorry LuttiSparrow lol). My weakest link would have to be speaking and listening. 

Memorizing the vocabulary and tenses is definitely tedious (but enjoyable) and can be a 'chore' sometimes, but it's all good fun (for me at least). Learning Korean is just something I decided to do for fun, and (other than certain school policies) the lessons are alright, the environment conducive enough, and the friends (I have known from it) are a fun bunch! ^^

On a side note, schools such as the one I am taking lessons from are private centers / institutions, so the first and foremost on their mind (mostly) is profit. Let's be honest, that's what business are about: making a profit to sustain itself and expand its reach; a business not making any money or even incurs a loss will soon cease to exist. The better the reputation, the more (fees) they can command. 

Overall, my experience with this school has been reasonable thus far. Moreover, the school does try it's best to 'expose' its students to Korean culture (particularly the K-Pop wave and certain cultural aspects through its annual Korean Night Festival). And for each friend you recommend, you get a $10 discount (so does that friend, I think). So kudos to them for the effort.
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