Cold Eyes Singapore Movie Gala Premiere and Red Carpet

Cold Eyes Movie Gala Premeire and Red Carpet

This summer the movie Cold Eyes is one of the hottest movie in Korea, topping the domestic box office charts in its first week of release on 3 July 2013 and earning more than US$36 million. In conjunction with the Singapore promotional tour, an exclusive preview screening was held for the fans at Marina Bay Sands MasterCard Theatres with a red carpet event to boot too!

Cold Eyes Movie Gala Premeire and Red Carpet

Thanks to DramaQueen who had invited me, I had to opportunity to not only have a look (at me first red carpet event!) but also watch the movie before it hits the theatres in Singapore on 5 September 2013.

It was an eventful evening as we made our way to the Marina Bay Sands MasterCard Theatres to collect the tickets before heading over to have a peek at the red carpet event. The crowd for the red carpet was growing as the minutes ticked by. By the time it was time for the Korean casts' arrival, "orderly" fan chaos ensued. Earlier in the day there were promotional rounds and interviews, where are an interesting read about how to movie came to be and the challenges the director and actors faced.

DramaQueen had a good position and her height was to her advantage. She managed to video all the cast members walking past. 

I only managed to record Jung Woo Sung, what can I say, that guy was not only the first to walk down the carpet but had charisma (which would explain why my hand jut followed him haha). By the time I wanted to record Han Hyo Joo and Lee Junho, they were quickly obscured from view.

After the red carpet event and having our 'fill' of stars, we made our way to the Marina Bay Sands MasterCard Theatres for the movie premiere. We were ushered in quickly and seated. Soon after the cast came onstage and there was a short interview about their thoughts and feelings about the movie, their roles and of course, Singapore. Fans were delighted when their favorites took turns to answer the MC's questions with the help of a translator.

Cold Eyes Movie Gala Premeire and Red Carpet

For those who love their action and thrillers, this movie is one that you should not miss! Even more so when Cold Eyes had been selected for the upcoming Toronto Film Festival in September. It has also been announced that the Director and cast will also be attending the festival in Canada. If you are still not convinced, you can read here about my thoughts on the movie on why you should go catch this movie! (I would not mind watching it more than once). ^^

You can read all about DramaQueen's perspective here. ^^

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