From Windows 7 to iOS 7....

Windows 7

This week seems to be a week filled with the number 7. First, I had to change my computer to Windows 7 (from Windows XP), which is a good thing (being updated and all). Using it has been pleasant enough and I am happy with it (though I cringe for those that are technophobes and / or the technologically unequipped). Still updates are updates and it is something that must be done when old technology gets phased out.

So after my Windows 7 adventure, I decided to upgrade my phone to iOS 7. The upgrade was a success and the phone is working fine.  However, while some of the features are pretty cool (even the additional features and some upgrades) I am really not a fan of the new font used, neither am I a fan of the overhauled icons and the fancy screen transitions - they remind me (too much) Windows/Microsoft and Andriod (with some resemblance to Adobe products icons too). 

ios 7
Should have a screenshot of the original for comparison

While the functions and additional features seems nice enough, with the new icons, it seems that Apple is losing it's unique identity and succumbing to being a copycat just to sell those phones / devices. The original icons were something uniquely Apple and part of the Apple experience (or so I think, and I don't like change that lessens the experience). Now that the icons have lost their originality and appeal (no different from the competitors), Apple would definitely face greater competition from competitors, not necessarily because of competitors per se, but that consumers' perception of the brand will change; no longer thinking that it is a brand worth the money(?) and/or that it is no different from its competitors. So while I will still 'happily' use my phone, one thing is for sure... that special Apple experience (where Apple was distinctly Apple) has been lost. 

You are the clothes you wear. It is what represents you and gives that first impression. Even if you have a great character and are fantastic at so many things, if you don't dress the part you might not even get the part or even lose the part when there is no creativity in the 'dressing'.
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