The Learning Journey: Prata before it starts again!

With 3 classmates not continuing the journey to take on the next level in Korean, a class of what was once more than 10 people is now left with about 9. But that's life, different intervals (or seasons) of new beginnings and changes; it's just a matter of how you adapt to it. That said, sad as it may sound at least we are still keeping in contact and hopefully a future outing - it's going to be challenging getting everyone on an available day but not impossible (I hope). ^^

Anyways, the test came and went by in a matter of minutes (ok about 30 minutes) and two classmates scored 100/100! The rest of us passed enough to get the certificate. The certificate while not necessarily valuable (recognized), is something like a 'trophy' proof that we made it (or rather survived it heh).

So in celebration we went to a nearby prata place for some dinner/supper. And it was a riot! Food was ordered and eaten happily, photos were taken, and different conversations were ongoing at different corners (of the longish joined tables). One incident that stood out was when the coffeeshop uncle asked how many people we had and Ke had an after-effect from the exam.... He replied... in Korean (열한 명이에요)! hahaha The best part was (aside from the blur look of the coffeeshop uncle) was that it took the rest of us a couple of seconds (delay) to realize what was the problem! The would have to be highlight of the day! haha

Too bad I wasn't really in the mood, so there are no photos of the yummy looking pratas (e.g. onion and egg, egg, kosong - Malay for plain / empty, coin - smaller than the usual prata, and tissue!) or the pretty drink concoctions (e.g. milo dinosaur, teh-o-lime etc...). Still it was a fun time together when so many people from different walks of life get together because of an interest. I look forward to more interesting experiences and learning more Korean. Hopefully one day I would be actually able to converse in Korean and even understand the dramas and variety shows without the subtitles.

If learning is a journey, just like life, than it may as well be as enjoyable as it can be! :)
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