Gangnam... no not Oppa its Gangnam Garden... again!

Went back to Gangnam Garden at City Square Mall again for lunch and they were still having their lunch promotion. This time there were 4 of us, 3 ordered the bibimbap set lunch, while 1 just had her Dundubu-Jjiage (soup) with her pork bulgolgi. If you want to know more about the lunch promotion or how the soup looks, please read my previous review here. But here are Gangnam Garden's options for the lunch promotion:
  • A choice of one main dish: Dundubu-Jjiage (soup) / Dolsot-Bibimbap / Mul-Naengmyeon (Soup Cold Noodle) / Bibim- Naengmyeon (Dry Cold Noodles)
  • A choice of meat: Chicken / Beef / Pork
  • 3 Side Dishes
I have always wanted to try the nyeongmyeon (cold noodles) but the weather always seems to be cold (and rainy) these days. Why is it so wet and cold in Singapore these days when it’s not even supposed to be monsoon season? Perhaps next time I will have the opportunity to have my nyeongmyeon!

Anyways, back to the Dolsot-Bibimbap, which is basically rice with vegetables topped up with an egg and served in a stone pot/bowl; you are supposed to mix it all up together with some red pepper paste (not spicy at all and a little sweet). When accompanied by our choice of meat, it was a delicious combination and totally different from those at foodcourts. Although the bowl used was not that big (as compared to those in the foodcourts) and the portion seemed to be small, it was surprisingly filling and satisfying (with the bulgogi and all that banchan). The bibimbap at most foodcourts tend to be large in portion but are not that fantastic in taste with the rice sometimes not cooked properly and you get tired of eating. Can’t say I am a fan of bibimbap at foodcourts, but I do like the one at Gangnam Garden. ^^ 

Banchan - Beansprouts, anchovies and kimchi
Banchan (variety changes occasionally) - Beansprouts, anchovies and kimchi
Gangnam Garden Bulgogi
Bulgogi - Chicken, Beef and Pork
Dolsot-Bibimbap - my favorite!

The food so far (and banchan) is pretty nice, considering that I have tried 50% of the items on the lunch menu. The good thing would be that the banchan are free-flow and you can request for them if you want more (I think I am starting to like and appreciate this common feature of providing free-flow banchan at Korean restaurants).

Recommended: I would recommend Gangnam Garden to those who happen to be at City Square Mall and crave/want to try Korean food. Head to Gangnam Garden instead of the foodcourt, it is more worth the money and taste (even ambience)!

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