Fish Keropok - Chips/Crackers Asian Style!

When it comes to snack time, there are many options from biscuits, cakes, chips/crackers and sweets. Asians have their own version of potato chips/crackers, the keropok (or krupuk)! Just like its western counterpart it is fried, the difference is that is not made out of vegetables, but made of a meat and starch paste which is equally good! There’s shrimp/prawn and fish flavor. And the coolest thing about this keropok is that you can actually fry them yourself!

However, in Singapore, you can hardly get the kind you actually fry; it is usually pre-fried and packaged for you to buy off the shelves in mini-marts. So when Lemonfruit came to Singapore from Indonesia, I asked her to get me some! And get them she did, all 5 packets of them (2 fish and 3 shrimp flavored ones).

Due to the frenzy of frying and eating (one packet of shrimp and fish keropok each), I forgot what the brand of it was (it is her favorite) and I finished the shrimp ones before I remembered to take a photo of them. Well, there were 5 packets – 2 fish and 3 shrimp, but Ddy ‘stole’ 2 packets of shrimp keropok – they just disappeared without a trace. But I guess their quiet “disappearance” can be testament of their deliciousness?

Ok, enough about the missing keropok packets. So armed with the remaining packet of fish keropok, I attempted to fry and record the process. I just love the way the keropok unfurls itself like a flower (it’s pretty, don’t you think?) when placed in hot oil. '

It really takes some skills getting the keropok to look pretty and not over burnt. After some trying, I finally discovered the way to make them evenly cooked, nice and not over burnt. It's all about the timing and the heat of the oil.

Fish Keropok
The pre-cooked dry version
Fish Keropok
Attempt Number 1
Fish Keropok
Attempt Number 2
Fish Keropok
Final Attempt! ^^ Don't they look pretty?
And there you have it, an oily but delicious snack fried by me. If you haven’t keropok before, you should give it a try, but do take note that once you start you can’t stop - they can be very addictive (in an unhealthy way). ^^
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