Charity: Help Me Climb Kilimanjaro!

Warwick RAG has organized a meaningful trip to the Kilimanjaro mountains for charity.

In September 2013, a group of other students and I are going to climb the famous African mountain, Kilimanjaro, in four days for charity purposes. We will be making our way from the UK by plane, and the trek will start in Nairobi in Kenya. From then on, it will be only walking and climbing from Moshi to the mountain, with camping in the wild and a lot of effort. But before doing that, I need to raise £2,650 of donations for Practical Action, an association that helps to challenge poverty and finds ways to improve living conditions in developing countries. All the donations will be given to Practical Action

I chose to support Practical Action because poverty is a big issue in developing countries: many women struggle to feed their children due to lack of money and they often suffer from hunger.

So would you please join me in this adventure and help me raise the amount? It doesn't have to be much, every little contribution counts.

If the answer is YES, please click here to donate.

I would be really thankful and ...

I will do my best to be worthy of your donations !

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